How to Jumpstart Your Spiritual Awakening

Aloha, I’m excited to be doing an interview on Tuesday the 18th at 5pm Pacific as part of the Conscious Life Awakened Speaker Series (CLASS). […]

NLP and Huna for Wealth, Prosperity, Money and Energy

Edit: We are postponing the webinar to take place two weeks from now! The webinar is scheduled for 5/28/14 at 7:00pm PDT.  I look forward […]

Head Snapping Question!

Photo: Erin Leigh McConnell   So a person in recent NLP Practitioner training in Portland came up to me and asked the following: “I don’t […]

Wake Up!

Photo: Alan Cleaver   Get up, splash some water on your face, and start living life rather than running through the motions!   I have […]