Tonight at 7pm PST – Empowerment Time with Dr. Matt

Aloha,   We are hosting a free webinar tonight, April 11th at 7pm PST called Huna and Energy Explained: How to Increase Your Personal Mana/Energy Part 2. […]

Is NLP Validated by Research?

Aloha,   An important question that students ask me is, “Is NLP validated by research?”   We don’t teach techniques in our NLP trainings unless […]

Hula Dance by Kumu Etua Lopes and Uncle George Na’ope

Aloha,   Here is a video of my Kumu Etua and Uncle George. Thank you for helping me on my path!!     Mahalo, Matt

Why Teach NLP Instead of… Anything Else

Aloha,   A question that comes up with a lot of students is, “Why teach NLP?” Many trainings, seminars and therapies will teach you the […]