How to Choose the Right NLP Training Company



A good question to consider before signing up for ANY NLP training course is, “How do I choose the right NLP training company? How do I know who to trust?”


Well… obviously I’m going to say that you should learn NLP with us. 🙂


This video suggests the criteria you should always look for in a good NLP company. Actually, this is useful for any learning institute you ever go to!





  1. Hello Dr. James

    Wow! It is so amazing how the universe sends exacty what one needs at the exact right time! Let me tell you how that relates to you and me. First, I am a psychotherapist in private practice and also a licensed NLP practitioner and hypnotherapist. Yet, I still struggle with utilizing NLP and hypnotherapy ( I think out of fear). Second, on a personal note, MY therapist directed me to order some book about forgiveness so I could work on self forgiveness as that is the block that seems to be prohibiting me from moving forward and letting go some of my “stuff.”

    Now, I subscribe to Tiny Buddah, yet often file it to read at a later time. Not today. I saw the topic of forgiveness, read your blip and then also saw you were NLP! Needless to say, it is kismit.

    Back to the personal issue. In Huna, how does one forgive themself??