Is NLP Validated by Research?



An important question that students ask me is, “Is NLP validated by research?”


We don’t teach techniques in our NLP trainings unless research has been done.



In fact one of our students, Dr. Patrick Scott, works with people who have depression. He wrote a study that compared Mental Emotional Release® Therapy (aka Time Empowerment Techniques®) with one of the most cutting edge techniques in Psychology. In his study he found that, after 5 sessions of MER Therapy, there was a complete reduction of depression. No clients relapsed or were hospitalized after 5 sessions of MER Therapy.


And yes, we teach MER in our Master Practitioner Training.


In our NLP Trainings, every technique you’ll learn has been validated by research. This means you’ll walk away with a congruency and competency you wouldn’t have without that knowledge.



  1. This article states that MER has been validated with science. It doesn’t say anything about NLP. I am a bit confused.

  2. Aloha, the video included with the article goes into NLP research, explaining the research well. Additionally, check out this blog post for more NLP research related material. I hope these are helpful.
    Is NLP validated by research? Video:
    Research Study of NLP Effectiveness, Article:

    Mahalo for reading!