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The purpose of this blog is to help share information about Personal Growth & Development. Specifically, NLP, Huna, and Integrative Psychology. I also welcome discussion and communication about these topics as this will help guide and direct the topics on this blog.In Hawaiian, Ho`omana means EMPOWERMENT, and this is the blog for The Empowerment Partnership (TEP), which is our wonderful seminar and training company. TEP celebrated it’s 30th year in business last year, and we have so many wonderful things going on! Thank you all who are and have been a part of this.

Thank you all for another wonderful, life changing experience.
A hui hou kakou.

– Loretta Smith

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TRAININGS with Dr. Matt

Integrative NLP Practitioner Certification® Training with Dr. Matt James

Learn the tools and techniques to free yourself of this negative cycle and be able to achieve your goals. Change your life with the additional knowledge and skills by attending the Integrative NLP Practitioner Certification® Training.

Accelerated NLP Master Practitioner Certification® Training

The Accelerated Master Practitioner Certification® Training is about mastery – the mastery of a whole new realm of powerful techniques in NLP. In this training you will learn quantum healing techniques and much more.

NLP Trainer’s Training and Evaluation

Master presenters are created, not born. The Empowerment Partnership is the world’s premier NLP training organization. We create the best trainers and certify more each year than any other company.

Huna Higher Consciousness Workshop
with Dr. Matt James

Let us invite you to discover the world, and the teachings of ancient Hawaiian Huna. Come and discover why this teaching has become so important to us and hundreds of others who have attended our more  than 25 past Huna Workshops. Personally, we notice that each time they come and join us they leave with a new sense who they are at a deeper and deeper level.

Integrative NLP Coaching

Successful coaches use successful and proven strategies. All of TEP’s tools and techniques have been studied and proven to work effectively, so you know you are coaching with integrity!

BOOKS by Dr. Matt

Integrate the Shadow, Master Your Path

The unconscious mind is not only the key to connecting with Higher Self, it also holds all the power you need to accomplish whatever you want to achieve in life. Yet too often, our conscious desires and goals seem to be at cross-purposes with our unconscious urges and reactions.

Find Your Purpose, Master Your Path

Find Your Purpose, Master Your Path offers tools to deal with stress, relationships, and difficult choices within our complicated lives. It offers an incredible fusion of ancient and modern healing systems in a simple and straightforward way.

The Foundation of Huna

Huna is the ancient spiritual, psychological and physical healing discipline of Hawai’i, a tradition that was secretly transferred from teacher to initiate for many generations.