Empowering Your Life: The Weekend Workshop


Have you ever wanted to tap into your deepest emotions?   Do you know your values and what is important to you?   Have you heard of MER® Mental and Emotional Release and want to experience it first hand?   Then we have the weekend for you.   Join me and Tris Thorp as we take […]

Exciting News About Our Company


Important Update Great news! Our EMP30 Training has now developed into an online course. This training is a combination of NLP, Mental and Emotional Release® Therapy, and Huna. This live, online course includes  content, release work, goal setting, and Huna/Ho’oponopono to help supercharge you into a money manifestation magnet!   The first session starts in […]

How to Choose the Right NLP Training Company


Aloha,   A good question to consider before signing up for ANY NLP training course is, “How do I choose the right NLP training company? How do I know who to trust?”   Well… obviously I’m going to say that you should learn NLP with us.   This video suggests the criteria you should always […]

Understanding Contradictory Information


How do you deal with conflicting information? This question comes up a lot in our NLP and Huna trainings. There’s an infinite amount of information in the universe that’s contradictory and… true. This video discusses how to choose your beliefs. You can apply this to health, spirituality, relationships, and any area of life!   Mahalo, […]