The Light vs. The Dark – Questions from Huna

I’ve received some inspiring questions recently from students who have taken my Huna trainings. This blog offers some perspective on the light vs. the dark.  If you’ve ever wondered if it was possible to fight the darkness with your light, please feel free to watch my latest video.


Mahalo, Matt



  1. Woohoo! I love this metaphor. Makes total sense on all levels. Thanks, kumu!

  2. “Find your switch and turn it on.”

    Thanks, Matt.

  3. Matt. Thank you for the motivating talk. What a diffenent world when we begin to shine our light.

  4. This was very empowering and the way you expressed it was beautiful.. I love it! “Darkness can’t enter the light, but the light can shine in the darkest moment…”

    There’s a great saying “Darkness cannot survive in the presence of light.”

    Thank you, Matt

  5. Wow !! Matt, This is yet another amazing insight…you know from one of my mails to you I expressed that I was in Dark night of my Soul..I am in the process of coming into light..this is a great metaphor..I can see how I can embody this awareness..simply powerful thanks…and hello to Sumi and love to kids…see you soon in Trainer’s Training.. 🙂 22nd soon approaching..looking forward..I am sure vacation was fabulous great you took time off.