NLP and Anchoring Webinar: Learning the Basics of Emotional Mastery

Aloha,   I hosted a NLP webinar last week for our series Empowerment Time with Dr. Matt. This webinar is called NLP and Anchoring: Learning the Basics of Emotional Mastery.   In this training we learned:   How to emotionally program yourself for success. The secrets that advertisers use to promote their products. The basics […]

New Webinar: Perception is Projection

Aloha,   Join us on Thursday, May 2nd to learn about one of the most empowering themes of NLP: Perception is Projection. Click here to RSVP.   On this live presentation, we will learn:   The secret to creating your world the way you want it. What goes behind perceiving your reality. An understanding of why […]

Tonight at 7pm PST – Empowerment Time with Dr. Matt

Aloha,   We are hosting a free webinar tonight, April 11th at 7pm PST called Huna and Energy Explained: How to Increase Your Personal Mana/Energy Part 2.   We will be covering:   Discovering the three basic energies that dictate your motivation. Learning the approach to discover your purpose and what you are meant to do. Understanding […]

Is NLP Validated by Research?

Aloha,   An important question that students ask me is, “Is NLP validated by research?”   We don’t teach techniques in our NLP trainings unless research has been done.     In fact one of our students, Dr. Patrick Scott, works with people who have depression. He wrote a study that compared Mental Emotional Release® […]