What is NLP?

Create Positive Changes Immediately and Effectively   What is NLP? Neuro-Linguistic Programming is best understood by taking each part and breaking it down. Watch the […]

What Does It Mean To Be Empowered?

What does it mean to be empowered? And how do intentions help. The Empowerment Partnership is the leading authority on NLP, Huna, Mental and Emotional Release […]

NLP and Anchoring Webinar: Learning the Basics of Emotional Mastery

Aloha,   I hosted a NLP webinar last week for our series Empowerment Time with Dr. Matt. This webinar is called NLP and Anchoring: Learning […]

New Webinar: Perception is Projection

Aloha,   Join us on Thursday, May 2nd to learn about one of the most empowering themes of NLP: Perception is Projection. Click here to RSVP. […]