Your Shadow, Part 1

Your Shadow, Part 1

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  1. Jennifer Conkey says:

    Great stuff, Dr. Matt! Looking forward to NLP Master Prac in July!

  2. jennifer ludeman says:

    This talk on The Shadow is really a good explanation. I have studied Jung and my own dreams for many years and even so I am struggling with my own shadow in a relationship where I am having a hard time changing my part in the relationship. I love this person deeply and we have been together many years in a committed relationship.
    What bugs me is the way that we compete with each other and unable to give each other positive feedback and encourage each other—–not all the time—but lately it has become worse as we are going through several stresses at once……..We are critical and judgmental of each other and get grouchy and irritable.
    I am signed up for the Portland,Oregon NLP Course on May 2-5 and I am hoping there will be some skills to help me with this and another area that I am wanting to transform also.
    Warmly, Jennifer

  3. Destiny Glaubitz says:

    With my business as a Medium/Psychic, Paranormal Cleanser I have to deal with the Shadow of my clients because they have put a paranormal energy into their own shadow it turns into a poltergeist that attacks them violently. They are not yet open to accept that their Shadow from the past is causing all this chaos, they want to blame the paranormal because they are not ready to accept that they have not yet resolved their past. 98% of my clients are dealing with their shadow, NLP has helped immensely with these clients. I wish I knew about NLP long ago. I know all comes in our lives when we are ready to except change.