NLP and Anchoring Webinar: Learning the Basics of Emotional Mastery



I hosted a NLP webinar last week for our series Empowerment Time with Dr. Matt. This webinar is called NLP and Anchoring: Learning the Basics of Emotional Mastery.


In this training we learned:


  • How to emotionally program yourself for success.
  • The secrets that advertisers use to promote their products.
  • The basics of NLP anchoring and how to immediately apply them.
  • The scientific research background of this technique.


If you’d like to watch the replay, click on the play button below. Enjoy!



Dr. Matt


  1. Linda Hammett says:

    Great webnar — always good to get a refresher AND deeper awareness. Added more facets about anchoring and how to put it into daily use. Keep it coming !!!

  2. Thank you, Linda! That’s great to hear! I also have a video demonstrating an anchor you can watch here:

  3. Hi Matt, it was great work. Would you mind to post the link of MP3 here a shave problem to get access. TKS

  4. Hi Amber! Glad you liked it. You can download the MP3 by filling out the form here: Thanks!