Studies Say: Cancer Linked to Unexpressed Anger

Aloha, Teaching now a days is easier than it was in the 90’s, because science is finally catching up with what we in this industry have known for a while. The mind and body are connected.   A colleague of mine, Dr. Bruce Lipton writes about the concept of how emotions effect the cells in […]

Quantum Jumping? Parallel Worlds?

Aloha everyone,   You all know that I love knowledge and insight and of course sharing what I find with all of you. Especially the interesting, fun and really cool stuff.   I received this article from one of my students (Thank you Aditi) and found it quite a fascinating read.   How many of […]

Jamaica MER® Study w/ Dr. Rosemarie Johnson

Aloha, Many of you have heard me talk about Dr. Rosemarie Johnson and her study regarding the effectiveness of NLP and MER® with “at-risk” adolescents in Kingston, Jamaica. Many of you have asked to see the research and information for yourself. That is why I am sharing it here on my blog. Below is a […]

Do Values in Money Matter?

Aloha,   What does it take to have a millionaire mindset? Is it something you can learn or is it something you are born with? The short answer is it can be either.   I came across this article on Yahoo called Millionaires Say 1 Factor Was Key in Making Them Rich, written by Karla […]