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Reality Real?


Aloha, I love discussions about what reality is and if reality is actually…REAL.   At my trainings I talk a lot about perceptions and reality. I have also been known on occasion to reference the holy grail of movies, The Matrix from time to time.  The premise brings up the very question of is reality […]

Research Says We Are Made From Light!

light-640768_1920 (1)

Aloha,   Those of you who took any of my trainings probably heard me talk about how your body is wired for perfect health, you just need to tap into that blueprint.   And whenever I say these things, I often hear responses like “Oh but Dr. Matt, surely intention alone can’t change what happens […]

Do placebos work, even when you know it’s fake?


Aloha,   I found this to be amazing! Did you know “the placebo effect” takes place even when you know you are receiving a placebo?   It’s true, according to Scott M. Schafer, Luana Colloca and Tor D. Wager in a article published earlier this year in The Journal of Pain.   Here is the link to read […]

Why You’re Pretty Much Unconscious All the Time

Thinking brain

Aloha,   Scientists have gone back and forth for years about whether our unconscious is 95% of who we are or 99% of who we are. If our unconscious really is most of who we are, doesn’t that make you a little curious about our our consciousness?   I just came across a great article on […]