How Science Explains the Gut-Brain Connection




If you’ve been to any of the trainings with the Empowerment Partnership, you’ve heard us say that the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical bodies are all connected.


I think most of us have had experiences to support this or that helped us realize it. There have also been studies and research done to support different aspects of this concept.


I recently ran across an especially fascinating article about the gut-brain connection, specifically as it relates to anxiety and digestion.


While the evidence helps explain why you might feel sick to your stomach when something is troubling your mind, it also suggests that gut health is linked to mental states.


Read the entire article here: “The gut-brain connection”



Dr. Matt


  1. I agree the article is fascinating. Today I was massaging a physical discomfort (in the area depicted in this image as the brain) and I felt a deep connection to my brain. The thought that recent anxiety is the cause of this discomfort didn’t quite felt right so this vise versa way of understanding it makes a lot more sense to me right now. Thanks Dr. Matt, I appreciate the share!