How is Your Quality of Life?


I have a question: How is your quality of life? How are things going? At the end of this year, would you be happy with what you have done, or not…? I just got back from my family vacation, and even I noticed things that I do that tend to push me off balance. For […]


Is It Time To Fire Your Friend?

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I had (yes past tense) a good friend, and I had to fire him. Unfortunately, things just did not work out. It wasn’t about downsizing and it wasn’t an economic decision. This happened about eight years ago, and I have never looked back. You may be wondering how to tell if it’s time to fire […]


Getting Clear on Your Purpose


Aloha, I wrote a blog for The Huffington Post on how to get clear on your purpose. (This was in response to a previous blog post on how to get the energy to achieve your purpose). After writing that first blog, several people told me they didn’t really know what their purpose was, or how to reveal […]


Taking “It” to the Next Level


Things happen at the right time in life. Unfortunately, we sometimes attempt to force some issues we should not. I remember being in High School and playing sports. I pushed myself so hard that I got shin splints. Ouch! That was a lesson of the physical body saying, “I know you want to take this […]


Where’s The Love? (I Need A Response!!)

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Well ok, I’m not actually looking for love; I have a ton of that. What I am interested in is the difference in response to positive posts and negative posts. Here on my blog, you all have responded when prompted. I am grateful for that. A while back, I wrote a blog asking you all […]


Deeper Teaching of Aloha Part 5


Wow! A five-part post about aloha and we are finally on part five! Please do read the previous posts if you have not. To re-cap: A = Ala, Ao (watchful alertness, and light) L = Lokahi (unity) O = Oia`i`o (truthfulness) H = Ha`aha`a (being humble) Let’s bring it all together. The deeper teaching of […]


Deeper Teaching of Aloha Part 3


This is part three of the deeper teaching of ALOHA. Though this may be a simple one to explain, it can be a harder one to live! Make sure you have read Part 1 and Part 2 of this five-part post. The “o” in ALOHA stands for oia`i`o. Oia`i`o means truth and/or truthfulness. It’s simple. […]


Deeper Teaching of Aloha Part 2


Today’s post is the second in a series about the deeper meaning of the word “aloha.” If you didn’t get the chance to read that post, please click here and read it first so that today’s post makes more sense to you! I’m excited to discuss aloha because knowing this deeper teaching allows you to be […]


Tis the Season to Prioritize…


So the year is wrapping up, and we are about to go into 2013. Are you like me, wondering how the year went by so fast? Wow, this year flew by. This year, we at celebrated our 30th year in business! I have been with the company for 20 years. I’ve run it for […]


It Is Ok To Grieve

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I am in the back of the room at our final NLP Practitioner Training here in Newport Beach. “Write a Blog” has been on my to-do list for over a week now. As always I am very transparent, so here it goes: I took a break! I needed to. I just recently experienced a loss […]