Reenergize Your Life with Gratitude

Reenergize your life with gratitude

Most of us have something we want more of. We may want to be happier. We may want to connect more to those around us. […]

NLP & Managing Holiday Stress

Aloha,   There’s no denying it, the holiday season is here; it’s happening. This season can be a magical time and it can be a stressful […]

How to Avoid That Holiday Retail Hangover

“Hunger and self-control do not go hand in hand.” – Kathy Freston Like most of you, I’ve been seeing a lot of holiday ads lately. […]

Home for the Holidays: Your Survival Guide.

Aloha,   Some of you may have parents and family who have supported you 100% throughout your entire evolution.   They smiled when you dyed […]