Some of you may have parents and family who have supported you 100% throughout your entire evolution.


They smiled when you dyed your hair purple in 8th grade, applauded when you dropped out of college to hitchhike through India, yelled “Mazel tov!” when you announced your engagement to the lover who was 30 years older than you, and were the first in line to buy shares in the eco-friendly condominium community you developed in the Florida Everglades.


If that’s your family, my recent article on Psychology Today isn’t for you.


However, most of us have families who, though well-meaning and loving, consciously or unconsciously tried to hold us back from becoming the person we needed to be.  And maybe you chose to live half-way across the country from them so you could finally spread your wings. But now, you’re heading home for the holidays….


Click on the link below to read my new Psychology Today article where I give you 4 easy strategies for surviving your family this holiday season. Who knows, you may even enjoy spending time with your family this year.



Dr Matt