Most of us have something we want more of. We may want to be happier. We may want to connect more to those around us. A better job. Or a better relationship with a significant other, parent, or child. These are all admirable desires, and they take a lot of work.


What if I told you that I have the answer to much of what your heart desires? Well, I do.


It begins with gratitude.


Gratitude can sound like a cliché discussion prompt at the Thanksgiving dinner table. Or a sentiment we write in a card for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. The feelings are real, but the sentiment is rarely felt, and sometimes only superficially.


Wholehearted gratitude feels like another thing entirely. It feels like bursting at the seams with happiness. Appreciation for a friendship that has filled your heart. Or a desire to stay in a moment forever because it is special beyond words.


How is gratitude your answer?


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