What does it take to have a millionaire mindset? Is it something you can learn or is it something you are born with? The short answer is it can be either.


I came across this article on Yahoo called Millionaires Say 1 Factor Was Key in Making Them Rich, written by Karla Bowsher.  The article states that folks who are wealthy today were raised with family values rather than financial privilege. This was based on a nationwide survey, where 684 people of high and ultra-high net worth and various ages were interviewed.


I love talking about values. As many of you know in the NLP Master Practitioner trainings that I teach, we take a deep look into values. Values are the things in life that are important to us. They drive everything we do.


A person with strong family values in net worth and finance will most certainly have an experience with wealth that differs from someone with little to no family values in that area.

It has a lot to do with your mindset and your beliefs, and what if you weren’t born into such a strong family value system on finance and wealth? Is their still hope?  I believe there is. Read on…


The article also states the top three factors these millionaires attributed for their success were: hard work, ambition and upbringing.  Let’s look at these from an NLP perspective.


The hard work you need to do can be simplified with the Keys to Achievable Outcomes and SMART goals. Your ambition can be maintained with an anchor. Your upbringing is not written in stone.  You can change that imprinting through a technique called Mental and Emotional Release® (MER).


Now if you were born with it, that is awesome, and for the rest of us we can learn.


Take a look at the full article here and see if any of the other characteristics are ones you can model for yourself.



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