We’ve all heard it. One of the keys to success is having the drive to succeed. And if we observe highly successful people, one of the qualities they invariably have is unwavering drive, ferocious passion, “fire in the belly,” incredible desire.


These people seem to spring from the womb all charged up and ready to conquer the world!
But most of us?


We go to a weekend seminar or training and get inspired to become “all that we can be!” We’re excited! We’re on fire! We’re going for it!


But by Tuesday, life happens. We find ourselves back to just getting by, surviving, subordinating our dreams and goals to make sure we can cover the rent and cable bill.



The drive to be successful isn’t something that some of us are born with and some of us aren’t. It’s a quality that we all have access to. But some of us tap it on a consistent basis —and some of us don’t.



In my most recent Psychology Today article, Setting Your Success Drive on Fire I go over four secrets to help you get yourself to feel that fire within.




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