Improving Your Dating Life Using NLP



Every now and then, my students ask me how NLP can help them in their dating life.


I was recently did a really fun interview with radio host Erin Tillman, who happens to be one of my newest students, on her show The Dating Advice Girl. In this interview, Erin and I discuss how NLP can help you with flirting, establishing rapport with a potential love-interest, and even getting over a breakup with an ex.


To access the interview, follow this link:



Dr Matt


  1. Great interview. Thank you for sharing. Not only did I get a great reminder for my personal use of mirroring and rapport building, but I love that you did the interview outside. It gave me some inspiration for using similar interviews to help train our organization’s members on important topics as well. Thanks so much!

  2. Thank you Nikki. Interviews on the beach are the way to go, for sure.