The condition of the human spirit is interesting right now. We are on a balance point between the “old” way of thinking and a “new” paradigm in consciousness. Thought leaders are beginning to see this and some are acting on it. Many know that there is no going back.


When I began to teach in the 90s there would still be people in my events that would argue over the mind-body connection. Is it real? Does energy exist? Should I really focus on purpose, or should I just set a goal for my next new car?


My journey seems to go through ten-year cycles. Twenty years ago, I made decisions that created the path for the first ten. Ten years ago events occurred that led to where I am now. This year, I am looking at what the next ten years will look like.


As I have said numerous times, I love teaching now, as much of what could have been argued about previously, no longer can be. We live in amazing times, where energy has not only been proven to exist, you can find studies (dating back to the 80s) that validate that energy and environment have a greater influence on the expression of your genes than anything else, for example (see Lipton, Biology of Belief).


Meaning you 100% have the ability to become empowered, period.


I have dedicated my life to empowerment, and many of you that read my blog have dedicated a large part of your life to this as well. (Or you just like my blog, I don’t know…..) I sit here now, wondering where we are heading over the next decade.


From an empowerment and spiritual perspective we have just re-discovered that a lot of ancient concepts are real. It is as if we live in the age of discovery when we found out that the world is actually round or that the sun is at the center of solar system. From a personal growth perspective, we are right there. And yes, I know that much of what I am saying has been present for a while now, yet we still allow the media and Hollywood the opportunity to guide and shape our reality.


As my father used to ask groups, do you want to be a sheep or a shepherd.


The ancients had many concepts right, and now we know that. So the question is not whether you believe in energy, the question is what are you doing with the energy you have? What are you doing with your natural ability to release your baggage and begin to take action on your path?


Are you choosing to continue to see the earth as flat and ignore the simple truth that you are buying into the limitations of others, or are you beginning to notice your own empowerment and transformation?


Here is what I would like you to do. Stop for a moment and ask yourself what stories do you tell that perpetuate your disempowerment. We all tell stories, we all share pain. Are you doing it because you want to be free of it? Great, let’s release it! Or, are you doing it because it defines you and gives you an excuse to be less than the person you are meant to be.


Do you know why you are here yet? Have you found your purpose?


Purpose is not complicated. Mine is simple, I want to teach people to empower their lives. I can get specific from there. I can add in the areas that are personal, that I want to live what I teach. In essence I want my life to be empowered as well.


Do you accept your gifts and cultivate your path?


I meet students that say, “I want to do what you do with energy!” Why!! Learn what your gift is, and cultivate that! My path is Huna, NLP, MER, and that may not be yours. I found these paths on my own and I own them as mine. Are you practicing the things that help you to move down the path, or are you becoming stagnant. The grass is only greener if you slow down on the path and eat it all. Take a few more steps and you will find a greener pasture.


Finally, are you taking the time to be happy in life?


For many people, things boil down to happiness, and so my task for you is to make a list of the people, things and activities that bring you joy and happiness. During this time of year, stop for a moment and pay them some attention and gratitude. Tell that special someone how amazing they are. Tell your child how brilliant they are. And then, set some time aside to be with the ones that bring you joy, and do the activities the make your heart sing.


I don’t have a crystal ball, what I do know is that these basic concepts of knowing and living your purpose and focusing on the things that make you happy are a part of creating a joyful and fulfilling life. The great news is, there are so many things that you already know and there are so many things I teach that will get you closer to that joy. I am spending time and energy looking at how we can begin to teach concepts and ideas that are current and empowering. I am looking forward to my next ten years. I hope you are too.


A hui hou,

Dr Matt