NLP and Huna Prosperity and Money Mastery

I’m often asked by students, “How can NLP and Huna help me to make more money?”
It’s a great question that I love answering.
I love answering this question so much I’ve decided to do a webianr on it.
The webinar is called “NLP and Huna Prosperity and Money Mastery”

Join me on 03/26/15 at 7:00pm PDT where I will teach you about wealth, prosperity, money and energy.


This is a free webinar and I will cover the following:- Understanding the foundation of prosperity
– The relationship between money and energy
– Discover the beliefs of successful and wealthy people
– Discuss the steps to discover your wealth strategy
– Finding purpose with money and wealthPlus there will be a live Q&A where I will answer any of your questions!
Dr Matt


  1. Hi Dr Matt,
    1)what do you mean by Money is an abstraction? I guess what is your definition of the word abstraction?
    2)” …money …will appear as you really feel about it?… is it kind of like the saying that what you see in other people( that gets you mad or what you like…) is really a reflection of what is going on inside of you?
    Paul( the solar guy) in Phoenix