Do you realize that you get everything that you ask for from the universe?


You do 100% specifically get every single thing that you ask for. My guess is that you miss opportunities all the time because of a lack of two specific things.


First let me be clear, I’m not claiming I have this down in any way shape or form. Most of you know me by now. My blogs are about my students and the lessons that I experience. One of my most amazing students Ron Poltuski, gave me an analogy that I think is fantastic. It has to do with ordering food in a restaurant.


When you order food in the restaurant you trust that you’re going to get when you order. You say to the waiter, “I would like chicken salad with no dressing.” You placed the order and continue with your conversation or doing whatever it is that you’re doing while you’re waiting to eat.


What you don’t do, is go to the back of the restaurant and begin to micromanage the cook. You don’t walk into the kitchen and double check that the cook is grilling the chicken in the perfect way. Personally, I don’t like my chicken overcooked. Yet when I order something that has chicken in it I don’t sit there worrying every second oh my god I hope she doesn’t overcook it! Or worse, undercook it. I hope it comes out exactly right. What if it is wrong!!!! And start to freak out over chicken….


I trust the chicken will come out the right way. Has the chicken ever come out the wrong way? Of course. And in those instances either I eat it or send it back. Even when I send it back and ask for them to redo it I don’t go to the back of the kitchen and micromanage the cook. I trust that my second order will be a lot clearer, and they will get it right.


Yet so many students that I meet, set a goal, and then attempt to micromanage the universe and thus prevent the goal from happening. They meddle with it so much; the goal is never allowed to unfold on its own.


This process that we’re talking about here is called “Letting Go of the Form.”


What that simply means is that at some point in your goal setting you have to realize that the path is unknown. Have you ever achieved the goal in a way that you could never have imagined? I have. If you cling to the path happening in a certain way it’s like you prevent the energy from ever coming out.


Imagine. I’m standing in front of you right now, and I’m grasping my two hands together. And that I am saying, “I want this so much, I want this so much!” And then at some point because I haven’t received what I’ve been asking for my hands fly open, and I say, “If it happens it happens if it doesn’t it doesn’t.” That’s the moment the path appears.


It’s almost as if when you surrender and let it go, that’s the moment the universe says, “Finally!! Great…. Thank you, because I know how to cook this and I’m so glad you’re going to let me handle it…  Here you go here’s your chicken salad!”


I know maybe you don’t want a salad, maybe you want the perfect relationship, yet you cling to it so tightly, that the universe is never able to do what you are asking it to do. The moment you let go, perfection appears. Maybe you want an amazing opportunity to make more money, yet while clinging to it so tightly you’re unable to ever manifest. The moment you let go, the universe knows what to do.


Some of you need to learn how to trust. Some of you need to learn how to let go.


There is something that’s actually worse than that. (At least to me.) It’s when you’re actually shown your goal. The universe has stepped up and has given it to you. And now….. It’s your turn to take action. And you don’t.


There’s a concept called energy in energy out. What you put in is what you’re going to get out.


One of my coaching clients that I’m working with is working on relationships. Let’s use an analogy that may be near and dear to many people’s hearts. We all have an ideal partner. The person that we want to be with. The person that we’ve dreamed about. Maybe we’ve gone through relationships in the past and settled. At the time, thinking that this was the best we were going to get. Let’s say one day you wake up you let go and all of a sudden the universe says, “Thank you I can finally place that order for you.” And there appears your goal.


The food is at the table what do you do next?


I know the simple answer is you eat it, and how many of you have been given an opportunity and you saw the path and you didn’t take action?


Continuing with the restaurant analogy when you ask the universe for something and it puts it on your table, well the proverbial ball is in your court (or in this blog the plate is in your lap)…..


What I see so many students do is avoid taking action. Here’s a simple idea, the universe is NOT going to feed you. You have to pick up the fork and dig in. The universe is NOT going to remind you to eat it all. You have to decide that. The universe did its job, now it is up to YOU.


The obvious downside is that you miss an opportunity if you don’t eat. The greater impact on you as a spiritual being is that you are no longer allowing your consciousness and the universe take you seriously.


Here’s what I mean by that.


When you ask for a goal and you receive it yet do nothing, you’re saying to your unconscious mind, to your higher self, and to the universe, don’t take my requests seriously. You see the universe has taken its time to create this perfect dish for you and it has now appeared in front of you. And you do nothing. How would you feel if you created a perfect opportunity for someone, and they just completely ignored you? The next time they asked for something how would you feel? What would you do?


When you ignore that path you’re telling the universe, I am not someone that should be listened to. You are telling the universe, in the future my requests should be ignored. You are telling the universe, in fact just ignore me altogether.


Okay maybe I’m being overly dramatic for the holiday season, and I think you get my point.


I believe that we create opportunities all the time. I believe that we manifest our dreams and desires from moment to moment. I also believe what you put in is what you get out. During this holiday season and moving into the New Year, begin to think about how much energy you are putting in to what the universe is giving to you.


When you set your goals for next year, visualize the path and how you think it will unfold. Then, simply close your eyes, go into peripheral vision, and let that image fade away. By doing that, you are holding onto the goal while letting go of how the goal will form. Meaning the goal is still there, and you are freeing up the universe to do what it needs to do so you get your chicken salad.



Dr Matt