You aren’t playing the hand you were dealt; you are playing the hand you picked. No one dealt the hand. You picked the cards right down to the suit. Your job is to figure out why you picked this hand, what are you meant to learn, and who you are meant to be.


I teach a concept at all of my trainings called Cause and Effect, which is the idea that you have complete control and responsibility for your reactions to things. I also teach a concept called Perception is Projection, which basically explains that our reality is mostly in our own minds.


You can look at studies on memory and perceptions and you’ll find both of these to be true.  Some people learn these two concepts and take them to the extreme. They think that they have 100% control over everything because it’s all in their mind. “Mind over matter”, one personal growth trainer said as he was throwing up into a trash can claiming that his “flu” was only in his mind.


The issue I have with that is you do have a physical body. Thanks to philosophy, we have believed for over 400 years the mind and body were disconnected. Some have pulled the pendulum too far and now believe the mind is everything.


Find some harmony please!


Which leads to your path. If everything is in your mind, just make your path. If you are the master of creation, just create those desires. Each one of us is called to have certain things, do things that bring happiness, and be the person we always wanted to be. Sometimes when we are drawn to things that are different than what mom and dad said we needed, we are being called to our path.


Your path is your own and you are already on it.


From a Huna perspective you already have a path. You picked it coming into this lifetime. You picked all the experiences. The ups the downs, etc.. Cause and Effect is about how well you move down the path.


Imagine this: On some level you set the  target you wanted to aim for in this lifetime. Even if you believe we only live once, you still have a purpose. All the tools I teach, the ideas, and the concepts are about helping you get as close to that purpose, as close to hitting that target as possible.


Cause and Effect and Perception is Projection are all about whether you dig your heals in and fight your path, or whether you accept your path? Do you accept your purpose? Do you accept yourself? Everything begins with you.  Let’s start there. Have you taken the time today (not tomorrow or next week) to truly appreciate all that you are and all that you have achieved?


Maybe you want more. I do.  And if you truly want more, it’s important to stop and take note of just how far you have come and it’s important to feel grateful. This increases your level of trust and understanding about who you are, what you’ve experienced, and what you’re here to do. Once you accept you, you’re closer to accepting and Mastering Your Path.


Life is an aim not an end. You will get better. You will improve. Hey, look how far you have already come!