I read some research on goal setting that I just had to share with you.


If you’ve been in the personal growth & development field of a while now, you might have heard about the “1953 Yale Study of Goals.” This study supposedly states that writing down goals makes you more likely to achieve them.


Sounds reasonable, right?


The only problem is that study never actually happened. It was debunked in 1996 by an article in Fast Company.


So does that mean writing down goals is a worthless waste of time?


Of course not!


Psychology professor Dr. Gail Matthews recently did some real research on the effectiveness of writing down goals.


His research shows that people were 33% more successful in achieving their stated goals if they did the following:

  • Write their goals down
  • Share their goals with friends
  • Update their friends with weekly progress reports

Thank you Dr. Gail Matthews for this research! As a NLP Trainer and Doctor of Health Psychology, I know it’s important to back up everything you teach with science, research and facts. Research has been done on everything we teach in our trainings. (Robert W. Norris even conducted an independent survey on the effectiveness of NLP and training with The Empowerment Partnership in particular. 🙂 )


Have a goal? Share it in the comments!


Dr. Matt



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