I’m pretty sure I don’t need to tell you how important being happy is to your well-being.


In our NLP Trainings we teach that negative emotions are directly related to negative physical conditions. These include hypertension, impaired immune system, cardiovascular disease, digestive disorders, and infection.


Bottom line? It’s better to stay happy!


But what do you do if you run into someone negative? Maybe you have a friend, family member, or a coworker who always seems to be grumpy. Every time you bring up something happy and positive, they find a way to turn it around.


Even if you’re well versed in NLP and know how to deal with negativity, it can be difficult when it comes from a loved one or someone you care about.


Read my recent Psychology Today blog to learn how to stay happy around negative people. It will teach you the critical thing you must do before confronting a negative person:


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Dr. Matt