New Webinar: How to Deal with Negativity in Life Using NLP and Huna



When was the last time you experienced negativity in life? Because you can be in a boring routine, or even having a fantastic day, and still have to face negativity.



This series of Empowerment Time with Dr. Matt is free and includes the following:

• How to use NLP to reframe a negative experience
• How to appreciate both the good and the bad
• How to maintain your focus in the face of adversity
• A live Q&A where Dr. Matt will answer your questions
• A free Huna gift to help you deal with future negativity




  1. I am so glad to have found all of your wonderful information. I just became a Certified Hypnosis Instructor and am now just beginning to explore NLP. I found out recently that I have a cousin(many times removed) who was the first missionary to the big island of Hawaii. His name was Titus Coan and I understand there is a museum dedicated to his work and have found a lot of information on the internet about him How exciting to have found another journey in my life.

  2. Thanks Susan! That’s fantastic. There is so much to explore! I hope you were able to attend our webinar on Huna and NLP. Just in case, here is the link to the replay –