Photo: Chris Florence


Here’s the deal, no one can tell you what to be or what to think. Many individuals who attend personal growth trainings learn how they think. They learn what they need to do to have success and then think, “Wow, if everyone thought this same way, things would be great!”


That doesn’t work!


The problem is that everybody is different. Everybody has a unique story. And, most importantly, everybody has his or her own path.


Personally, I know who I am meant to be. For example, I know what I need to think in order to have success in health & fitness, career, and relationships. I avoid pushing my thinking on anyone, because I know that won’t work.


Simply put, you need to learn HOW to think for yourself.


This is what I mean by Learning You. You need to learn what brings you happiness and success in every area. You need to learn about the things that take you away from your happiness and results. You should want to discover the tools that can help you with that process. For me the tools are Huna and NLP, and yet there are so many other tools that work too.


The key is to avoid the trap of figuring out what others think and instead discover what you need to think in order to move down your path.


This is a more difficult approach to life, because it feels so good to hear someone else say, “I lost 85lbs and here is how I did it…” That is me! I did lose 85lbs. I used to be a lot heavier. Health & fitness was my difficult area 15 years ago. Even all these years later you won’t hear me talk about everything I did to lose weight. In fact, I had a student in one of our NLP Practitioner Trainings beg me to reveal my exercise routine and diet.


“I am sorry, I can’t do that,” I said. He asked me why, and I said that any healthy diet and any decent exercise routine is going to work. What you need is the right mindset. As a doctor of psychology, I can tell you that the one thing that causes people to fail is that they lose motivation and drive while pursuing their goal.


Now to be fair, yes external events can happen. You can hurt your body, there can be a global disaster, etc. And those events aside, what causes your New Year’s resolution to tank? Loss of emotional drive, loss of mental focus, or loss of energy. That is it!


The holiday season for me is not about setting new goals. But rather taking the time to evaluate my path and make course corrections. What do you want to change and how do you want to improve? That is a great question! (And I will write about that this December.)


Dr. Matt