In a recent blog we discussed what, in NLP, we call a “non-resourceful state.”


A non-resourceful state includes things like worry, fear, foggy headedness, anger, tension, sadness – get the picture?


That’s why in our NLP Practitioner Trainings I teach my students how to get into a resourceful state. A resourceful state is where you feel capable and confident. You feel calm, centered, and comfortable in your body. Your mind is clear and you’re able to generate all kinds of options and make solid decisions.


The best part?


Being in this resourceful state is *not* dependent on your outside circumstances. You don’t have to be hanging around people who adore you, or be in any kind of ideal situation. Instead, you can take charge and bring this resourceful state to the circumstance.


You can do this by using NLP to create a “resource anchor,” and I cover exactly how to do that my recent Huffington Post blog.


Dr. Matt



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