Are You Being Influenced or Manipulated?



Many people ask: “Isn’t NLP all about getting people to do what they don’t want to do?”


Both influence and manipulation involve producing an effect in another person without apparent force. I cover this in my latest Psychology Today blog. Click here to learn more about influence VS manipulation, and to learn the underlying motivation behind the person who wields it.


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Dr. Matt


  1. Jo Ann Egan says:

    Your comment on the subject made perfect sense to me. I too believe nlp is one of the best ways to communicate out there. thank you for your blog , nice to have that information when it comes up in “my life” (and it will)

  2. Love the hammer metaphor!

  3. “The truth is that there is no “mind control” tool (with the exception of extreme brainwashing techniques) someone could use to make another person do something that is unacceptable to his or her personal beliefs or values.” Dr. Matt
    I think that’s all we need to know about NLP as a manipulative or an influencing tool.
    There is anything else to figure out.
    Thank you very much, Dr. Matt…or better…

  4. Destiny Glaubitz says:

    I am a very stubborn person its in my DNA and birth sign, LOL but very true. For decades I couldn’t stop soda intake until NLP class I took this year, been about 7 weeks and I have not even attempted to drink soda or any carbonated drink.
    I realized I tend to get in my way even when things are going smoothly and then some how I sabotage myself and the good stops. When that happens it is hard for me to get the momentum back, so I would procrastinate and give up before even trying. At the age of 54, I was finally ready to except my life to become better for my future. Counseling for me… me personal opinion did not touch what NLP’s influence techniques has done in only 15 minutes. I do not believe it is manipulation but influence for those who are ready for a change in their lives.