Update: EMP30 is Now Available Online



In 3 weeks we are starting a new online course called EMP 30: Transform Your Life in 30 Days.

Many of my students have shared with me that they’re worried about money and are struggling financially. Students in both NLP and Huna have asked me to create a program to help them in that area of life.


That’s why I created EMP30, a new online training that combines NLP, Mental and Emotional Release® Therapy, and Huna. It teaches the techniques that we have always taught in a way that they have never all been put together before. Click here to learn more.


Thank you for allowing me to share. In other news, Huna starts today! We have a great group, and I’m excited to see all of you soon.


A hui hou!
Dr. Matt


  1. Are you planning to come to Orlando, next year for this training?

  2. Hi David,
    This training is available online, so you can absolutely take it in Orlando! The prerequisite is that you have completed the NLP Practitioner Training. The $395 early bird special expires today, so here is the link to register: http://www.nlp.com/emp30/. Mahalo!

  3. Are there scheduled sessions for this program?

  4. Hi Ted,

    Yes! We have scheduled every session, and they will all be recorded. Please contact our office at info@nlp.com for more details. Hope to see you there!