Have you heard me talk over and over about being who you are? Well, I do like to talk about that. Learning to be true and authentic to yourself and your purpose is so important.


And first impressions count! So you better “act the part” you are going for!!!


I know! That seems to contradict the previous statement, right? Because what if the person you have to be to get something done is NOT who you are?


Let’s go with an example: I am a teacher and I love to share the information that I know to thousands of students a year. I am used to being in front of groups, and I am comfortable teaching and guiding the learning process.


And, I just started taking some classes online that are going to require me to do some live events in Hawai’i. After all, I do tell my students to keep learning all the time, so I want to do the same. I love to sit as a student and learn.


So who am I? Am I a student or a teacher? I hope the answer is obvious… it is yes. I am both. And, rather than thinking it is all or nothing (e.g. black or white) begin to think of it along a spectrum. I am a teacher and as much as I am a teacher, I am a student. So how do I be myself in each situation? I have to pick situations that are in alignment with my purpose and path, and then be willing to change my energy, my thinking, my emotions and my behavior appropriately.


So in the student situation, I am not going to act as the teacher. I am going to learn what I need to and be a great student. My behavior on the surface level may look like I am being a different person, but that is the surface. At the deeper level, it is in alignment with who I really am.


While writing this, we are running our 28th NLP Trainer’s Training in Newport Beach, California, and I have to be able to switch from the teacher to the guide and evaluator while helping my students move into the role of trainer.


I have had Olympic athletes take this training. I have had presenters who see 10’s of thousands of people a year. I have had former educators that know more than I do about formal education participate. And with everyone, I ask them, “Why are you here” and, “Are you willing to leave your prior knowledge at the door so that you can learn everything here possible?”


Well really, those questions are asking the students to find a deeper reason and to leave their “persona” at the door and learn new things.


So, what is the lesson? Be you and only do what you are willing to do that is in alignment with who you are.


Dr. Matt