Uncle George Aloha

“ALOHA is love! It doesn’t come from the mouth.  It comes from the heart. You cannot buy ALOHA and you cannot sell ALOHA!  You can only live ALOHA!!”  -Uncle George Na’ope


  1. I agree 100% and I tell people to ”live a beautiful Sunny Day”.
    We have been having lot of rain and cold weather in the 50 degree .For July, it pretty cold.This is my way of wishing people a Aloha Day.
    Thank you Matt for all the thinking you spread all around.
    See you at Huna.

  2. Looks kind of familiar, it is a wonderful quote. I remember very well the last time he was at Huna!

  3. Thank you, Sylvie!! We’ll see you soon!

  4. Aloha, Mark!! 🙂