I have a question: How is your quality of life? How are things going? At the end of this year, would you be happy with what you have done, or not…?


I just got back from my family vacation, and even I noticed things that I do that tend to push me off balance. For example, answering emails first thing in the morning rather than doing some goal setting or breath work. Telling your kids to wait while you post something on Facebook, because you “have to” for work. Or what about skipping things that would enhance your health, because you don’t have time?


That did not happen on vacation, and by the end of it, I noticed my quality of life had improved. So… What am I doing about it? I am making a change now. I am looking at what I do and why I do it, and I am going to focus on improving my overall quality of life.


Here is a helpful tip that you could follow. Make a list of 5 things you would like to accomplish by the end of this year. Here are mine:


  1. Go on one relationship vacation (i.e. no kids).
  2. Spend quality time with kids when I am home.
  3. Become more proficient in speaking Italian.
  4. Schedule time to write what is on my mind 3 days a week.
  5. Laugh with my daughter at least once a day!


I have work goals and I have health goals. These are serious things that when I accomplish them, I know that I will have improved my overall quality of life at the end of this year.


These are personal, and there is no right or wrong.


What I would like you to do is post your top 5 things you want to accomplish by the end of this year by replying to this post. Listen to your heart and let it come out! What are they, and how can you get started!?


And then, do it! Because you only have 6 months left!!


Dr. Matt


Photo by: Lululemonathletica




If you’d like some guidance on how to solidify your goals, listen to our webinar series Empowerment Time with Dr. Matt. In a recent webinar we covered SMART Goals: NLP, Energy and Goal Setting. It’s about an hour long, and you can watch it below: