Some time ago, a student asked what I thought about taking a bunch of seminars and trainings.


Well, as the owner of a training company, my answer is yes! They are great! And I would ask, “Do you have a path of your own or are you looking for one?”


You see, when I go to a training, I already have a path. I know who I am and I know what I do in my life. So when I embark on learning something new, it is for the purpose of helping me on my path of Ho`omana (empowerment).


When you take a training and say, “Wow XYZ is my new path!” only to take the next training and say, “Never mind XYZ, ABC is way better!!!!” Then, I would say the multiple trainings are not very productive.


This is a common experience amongst students in my workshops. The ones that come into the event with a specific focus (e.g. a therapist wanting to add tools) usually get very specific and wonderful results.


The students that come in looking for someone to give them a path tend to have an amazing experience. Then a moment of empowerment. Then a question as to what they are going to do with the new knowledge… This sometimes leads to going to another event to find the knowledge.


This is why I always encourage the setting of goals at the very beginning of the event. These give you direction. Beyond the goal, it also helps to know what your path is in life.


Start now asking yourself:


  • What is your spiritual path?
  • What is your path of personal growth?
  • What is your path for career?
  • And so on for all other areas of life!


When you can answer these, you will learn new tools every day that enhance every part of your life!




Photo by Paul Bica