Sometimes in life we come up against obstacles. These can be external and internal obstacles. For example, we have been having late hula practices, and therefore I have not been getting as much sleep as I would like (especially considering that I work out on a regular basis). Well, my body seems to be hitting a “wall” with regards to recovery. What should I do? Push through or give in?


Internal obstacles can be negative emotions or limiting decisions. Maybe even conflict: “Should I stay or should I go!?!” Again, the question may be: “Should I find a way to release and/or overcome the fear?” or “Should I give in to the fear and let my path change?”


Well, the problem with both of the options is that we are missing a third option. And that is a balance point where there is a harmony.


So I have been getting less sleep and today I was considering skipping the workout. However, isn’t it possible to do a light workout? Let’s say you are afraid to ask a person that you are interested in out on a date. That fear can make us think it is all or nothing, but there is another option. Why not find a way to begin to talk to the person? Or if you already do talk with them, maybe looking for a way to deepen the conversation to see where it goes.


You see, obstacles feel like we are facing a wall. We think we only have two options: Left or right.  That is not always the case. Often we can punch through if necessary, or go over it.


The key is flexibility. And the right time to be flexible is when you are taking a break from facing the wall. You see, when you are looking right at the wall, it does not do much to analyze what to do.


Really! Give it a try. Go put your nose up against a wall and notice how little you see.


Now, take a step back, and wow! Maybe you notice something you didn’t, like a door or a way over!


I view obstacles as a perfect experience. Simply because you only experience them if you are making progress on your path. So at least you know you are moving forward!


(Want to avoid obstacles? Do nothing…)


Ok, time to go work out!




Photo by: Thomas Leuthard