Welcome Back

Thank you all for your understanding as I took some downtime! Huna takes so much focus and we had a great workshop that ended a few days ago!


It was our 46th Huna Workshop in Kailua-Kona. Twice a year for 23 years now!!


Thank you to all that were there. If you were there, please post something to let me know what you loved most about the experience! I have enjoyed the pictures on Facebook (I used a couple for my personal page, thank you)!


A focus at our workshop is on Ho’omanaloa, which means “permanent or expansive spiritual empowerment.” Isn’t that a great word? Making your spiritual empowerment permanent and expansive!


So to all my haumana: Have you been doing your “ha” breathing? Have you been doing ho’oponopono every night? What you have you been doing to make what you learned a part of your “reality” at home?


A hui hou!




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  1. This was such a great Huna, Matt. So mellow, and the energy at Pu’u Huna O’Honaunau was extraordinary. Thank you so much – and for allowing me to teach there. I feel very privileged. Aloha.

  2. Helene Desruisseaux says:

    My chiropractor’s eyes shone when he heard I had just come back from a Huna workshop, because he had seen a Hula healer do incredible things on a prior trip to Hawaii. So of course I gave him the website link and told him about the upcoming NLP worskhop in Toronto where he could get a great price for the next Huna course.

    It was my first Huna and I am so glad I went. Not only was it an incomparable way of experiencing Hawaii’s energy, it was full of fun, friendship (some of the friendships I had started at NLP courses took a new dimension at Huna) and learning.

    The learning went deeper than the head level. For example, I have known and heard about chanting for a long time but never personally “turned on” to the practice. Well, now I have. I felt how it opened my energy up and have done it daily since (yes, I know it’s just a few days but I can’t imagine stopping at this point).

    Another measure of how the workshop changed my energy is how I responded to O’Honaunau. I loved its energy when we went as a group, and felt it even more when I went back the day after the course.

    Similarly, Ho’oponopono took on another dimension: I loved it during the NLP course, bought the CDs, did it at home regularly, but after Huna, it’s another thing altogether.

    Matt gave us a list of suggested daily practices to nurture the energy sparked by the workshop. To answer your question Matt, so far, I chanted after some Ha breathing, did a Higher Self process using the CD, ended the day with Ho’oponopono, and today had fun doing our Hula dance. All of it felt natural, not a chore.

    Thank you to Matt and all the teachers (Kumu Etua, Karen, Felicia, Jane, and Mo), as well as to my fellow participants of all levels.

  3. AWESOME! It would be hard to single out one thing that was the highlight — every day presented opportunities to engage and learn and stretch and enjoy. Kicked up a notch ? Ya’ Betcha” ! Looking forward to next March!