Thank you all for your understanding as I took some downtime! Huna takes so much focus and we had a great workshop that ended a few days ago!


It was our 46th Huna Workshop in Kailua-Kona. Twice a year for 23 years now!!


Thank you to all that were there. If you were there, please post something to let me know what you loved most about the experience! I have enjoyed the pictures on Facebook (I used a couple for my personal page, thank you)!


A focus at our workshop is on Ho’omanaloa, which means “permanent or expansive spiritual empowerment.” Isn’t that a great word? Making your spiritual empowerment permanent and expansive!


So to all my haumana: Have you been doing your “ha” breathing? Have you been doing ho’oponopono every night? What you have you been doing to make what you learned a part of your “reality” at home?


A hui hou!




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