That is what I have heard time and time again in my events (and not just from women)! One lady last year asked me directly, “Why don’t you want to hire a woman?”


Now I laughed, because we have more women on staff then men. Every management position in the company is occupied by a woman, with the exception of my role as the president. However, having said that, I answer to our Board of Directors, and the Chairman is a Chairwoman! 🙂


So no issue with The Empowerment Partnership hiring women.


Yet, why no women on stage?


To be clear, in the past we have had a couple of part-time female presenters, but none of them moved into a full-time role.


Well… All of that has changed. We have a new trainer that started this year with us, and she is going to be amazing!


I am sharing this with you for two reasons. First, I want to expand our company and help it grow and evolve. This is great news, because we will soon have the ability to run more events in more cities. And second, over the next couple of weeks, I will have less blogs going up (or they will be shorter). The extra time I have at events are now filled with training our new trainer Makayla.


So link up with us on Facebook to welcome her into the family. I will do my best to put some blogs up in between helping her speed through the learning process!