Well ok, I’m not actually looking for love; I have a ton of that. What I am interested in is the difference in response to positive posts and negative posts.


Here on my blog, you all have responded when prompted. I am grateful for that. A while back, I wrote a blog asking you all to provide any positive experiences that you had at our events, and it was wonderful! Again, thank you for that!!


Positive VS Negative Responses


The interesting thing is to watch how people respond to Facebook pages. I have experienced somewhat the opposite on my own Facebook, and with a few others.


Have you noticed that negative thought-provoking posts get more attention? NOT the positive thought-provoking ones? Go ahead and take a look!!


Now I know about how our brains are wired to look for danger in the environment. And that may be a part of the reason we look for the negative. However, I also know about individuals that have gained control over that aspect.


We are what we repeatedly do. (I believe Aristotle said that.) So why do you keep repeating the response to the negative? By the way, if you don’t respond to the negative, that’s great! And I would ask you…  Are you looking at all areas? Check this throughout your life. Are there any places you do this?


The last time I was in Australia I walked into a store in Melbourne. The person behind the registered asked, “How are you doing?” I said, “Fantastic!” And he seemed shocked by the response.


He then went on to explain that most do not respond like that, and he asked me what made me so happy. I replied, “I have an amazing wife, and two wonderful children. So life is great!”


He smiled and said he is going to ask each person that walks in what makes them happy!


Starting a Positive Dialog


How about this! Let’s start a positive dialog here. You see, I am about to teach our NLP Practitioner training in San Jose. I love feedback and responses, not just from my live group, but also from my group here on drmatt.com!


Here is a question for you: What area of your life is wonderful? I know we all have the area that we want to improve on, and that usually gets the attention. However, for today, what would you like to say about your “great” area?


Please respond with a post that simply states what makes your life so amazing! Help me to get this going!!!