My second book (which is the first in a series of three) is now out, and I wanted to talk about what inspired me to write it.


I have been teaching now for about 15 years. For 30 years I have been studying various modalities such as Huna and NLP. My PhD is in Health Psychology, which is another label for integrative psychology. And with all that knowledge, I remember being on the path and wondering, “Who am I supposed to be, what am I supposed to do, and why do I feel a void in my life that I can’t fill?”


You see, I realized that a part of life is to find some purpose or meaning. I believe the purpose and the meaning have been there since birth. And I also believe that most people are not taught how to find that meaning.


For example, we don’t teach children how to find their personal meaning and cultivate it. And therefore, for many, this meaning and purpose becomes lost in a sea of confusion and misdirection.


We buy things to become satisfied. We attempt to fill our time with activities that may only serve to distract us from our real purpose. It is as if we do things to avoid having to deal with the deeper issues and deeper learnings.


If anything, we teach people to find their weaknesses and attempt to correct them. We teach our children to look for the negatives to fix them. We also teach them to focus on the bad times.


Do I think that everyone does this? No! And, I have found that many do. If you are one of the fortunate that had parents like I have that taught you at an early age to find meaning and purpose, this book is not for you. Or maybe it is and you will just say, “Yup, that sounds right!”


You see, to live a purposeful life is an amazing place of empowerment. When you have a purpose and your actions flow from that purpose, you gain a level of satisfaction and fulfillment that I can only describe as being 100% congruent.


I have posted bits about NLP and Huna from the book here on my blog, so please do take a look at them. If you have already purchased the book, enjoy it, and let me know what you think!! I am working on the next one, and will have it out as soon as possible.