Why $97 NLP Practitioner Training?

As we’re getting ready to do a NLP training in Toronto, it reminded me of a student who said, “I didn’t go because I didn’t think for $97 I’d get a full NLP Practitioner training.”


Then as soon as his friends went to the NLP Practitioner Training and were blown away by it, this student asked me why we’re doing it for only $97.


Here’s why:



And yes, this is a full NLP Practitioner Certification Course! This means you’ll receive hands on experience, demonstrations, tools and techniques, a manual, exercises, and an action plan to achieve your goals and get your happiness in the future.


See you there!




  1. TED ONEILL says:

    When and where is the Toronto NLP practitioner training going to be? Please advise Thx

  2. Hello Ted,
    Our Toronto training will be 4 days, from October 25th – October 28th. For the location please send an email to info@nlp.com. Thanks! Hope to see you there!

  3. Please Matt would you bring this training to London?


  4. Will there be one in NY? I will be having foot surgery around that time 🙁

  5. Will there be a $97 NLP in southern ca too? I really would like to this course.

  6. Sorry. Correction. Will there be a $97 NLP in southern Ca too? I really would like to take this course.

  7. We have a couple of $97 NLP Trainings coming up! In October we’ll have one in LA and in December we’ll have one in Newport Beach.

  8. Hi Las, Unfortunately we don’t have any immediate plans to conduct a training in London. So please bring yourself to the US! 🙂

  9. Hi Amanda, I hope everything goes well with your foot surgery! 🙂 We don’t have any immediate plans to do a training there. However, Toronto is close to NY! We’d love to see you at one of our NLP trainings when you feel better!

  10. When is the training in Toronto? I checked the website and do not see any on the east coast? Thanks!

  11. Hi there! Our 2013 Toronto Training took place last month in April! Our NLP Practitioner Training schedule can be found here: http://www.nlp.com/register/ Thanks!

  12. Will you be coming anywhere else on the east coast after that?