Can You Tell if Someone is Lying with NLP?



Have you ever wondered how to tell whether or not someone is lying to you?


In our NLP trainings we teach sensory acuity. Because people are always making minute changes in their physiology… and those changes have meaning if you have enough sensory acuity. Watch this video if you would like more insight into how NLP may be able to help you realize whether or not someone is lying… and what to do about it! 🙂





  1. This is very cool, however I think Matt was a little modest with what NLP can do- if you decide to “dig deeper” as the next approach, NLP techniques to get to the bottom of stuff are amazing. Thing is, to become really good at this you have to practice ALL this stuff on yourself first, and it is so empowering and such a ‘congruency’ builder that you won’t even care if someone is lying to you! I’m still working with this and there’s so much to do! Very cool stuff. All of this!!! Thanks Matt!