Well, these blog posts about your shadow were supposed to be a two-part series. (If you missed them, check out Part 1 and Part 2). However, I received so many emails and comments about this, I thought I would add some more information here. Please keep in mind that this comes not only from my PhD in Psychology, it also comes from years of studying Huna and NLP.


Many of the questions were variations of, “How do I integrate or get rid of the shadow?” But that is impossible. The term ‘shadow’ is perfect, because like your physically projected shadow, you will always have one. No matter how much light you shine on your path, you are going to cast a shadow. Rarely do I “call out” other teachings, and I can tell you without a doubt, if a teaching says that we must eliminate the ego, persona or shadow, that they are leading you down a very different path then what I am sharing.


I have heard some teachers say that is a dangerous path! For many, this would be the equivalent of saying that we need to rid ourselves of our conscious mind!!


In just a moment I will get to what I think about this…


Your Projections


Your shadow is not evil, dirty or nasty. It is simply the projection of that which you are not. Or to put it another way, once you define yourself, your shadow comes into existence. It is who you are not.


Listen, did you catch that? I just above intentionally told you I am not the type of teacher that would say, “Destroy the shadow.” That is “not me.” Therefore, that is my shadow. Yet, I don’t have a “charge” or issue with the concept.


Why is this specific issue not a problem for me? Because I recognize what it is. It is simply not me, and in order to exist I have to know who I am and who I am not. Enlightenment is bringing light to who you are, what you do, and what you are meant to have. It means putting light on your path and being able to see the beginning, the middle and the end.


Now, I put the concept of destroying the shadow into an extreme by saying I would call out the other teaching. So now let’s ground this in a lesson here. If someone came to me and said they teach people how to destroy their shadow, my response would be, “Perfect.” You see, if that is what someone is called to teach, that person should teach it! It is not what I would teach, and in fact, it is the opposite.


Your Perceptions


So how do you know if you are balanced with your shadow? You will know because when you see, hear or feel your shadow in your perception, it won’t bring a “charge” (charge as in a negative response). You see, hear or feel it, and recognize that is the opposite… while also recognizing that is just simply another path. It’s another approach. It’s another idea. An idea is not right or wrong in and of itself. It’s just different.


Overall then, the goal is to balance your experience or projection of the shadow and what it represents.


My next book is coming out in a matter of days, and the one following it will deal specifically with the shadow. In fact, the first two posts were excerpts from my 3rd book!