Being Successful with Business Using NLP and Huna



A student wrote to me recently and asked, “Can you do an audio blog on success and business?”


This video discusses the mindset of a successful person. I go over the concepts in NLP and Huna that successful people do on a regular basis. What do successful people think? What are their excuses?


Here are the basics of success, the tools and techniques that will help you handle various situations in your life. While watching this ask yourself, “What NLP/Huna techniques have helped you the most in being successful? Which ones do you think your life could use more of?”





  1. Aloha Matt,
    Seriously, thanks for these powerful motivational chunks of videos. Too good indeed! Looking forward to learning modelling soon wow that is in 3 days YAY! Trainer’s Training has arrived.
    Love your Huna for wealth CD’s Matt. Cool huna energy concepts in there. Need to do the release of old baggage still though. Thought i have processed well but change is not taking hold. Soon..hope to post a positive testimonial for you as far as success I mean from the integration of these concepts..It is wonderful to know these concepts..unless and until they become part of me in both internal and external world results will remain a to be continued……

  2. Excellent

  3. Dr. Matt,
    Meta programs.
    Realized that the law of attraction is difficult to apply
    When Programming is away from unconsciously
    And I want/need to be motivated towards.
    Found the tools and process to make the change.


  4. Great work, Legions!