Want to change someone’s belief? Why don’t you start by respecting the person and their belief first.


You see, from the perspective of the person you disliked the most, their belief is true, important and personal.


I see so many on various sites saying such offensive things about others beliefs. And it is all done in the name of wanting to promote change, or transformation, or any other similar word.


I see people spout off about the stupidity (came from my daughter 🙂 of others and their beliefs. But all that does is cause conflict. Don’t you know that?


Now I have my beliefs. And I have very strong ones. I meet people all the time that have totally different beliefs and it never crosses my mind that they are stupid (or any equivalent).


Here is my challenge to you: If you truly want change and empowerment on the planet, when dealing with beliefs that are so different, stop and remember you are talking about people with kids and partners and wonderful aspects in their life. Another person’s thinking is different, and different doesn’t mean wrong.




P.S. Please forgive this brief post, I did it on my iPhone after being inspired by a talk with my daughter. At 5 she noticed that people say mean things and that does no good…