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Hi Everyone,


Idea: what did you like the most about the basic NLP 4 day practitioner training program – and what was the biggest impact it had on your life?


Respond here at my blog below and let me know! Thank you for helping me share the experience!!


Matt James



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  1. Matt –

    I thoroughly enjoyed the 4-day Prac course in Philly. I set a goal to recommit myself to NLP and I truly wanted to leave fully congruent in the aspect that I would live it in my life so I could share it with others through coaching.

    I am happy to say that I have achieved that goal as I find myself studying, applying, but most of all living NLP. I am happy to say that doing this has given me a strength and power that was lacking in the past. Now I am so fully integrated that I can’t help myself from practicing NLP in every aspect of my life – just the other day I found myself listening to your pre-study and hearing a lot of Kinesthetic when you would “free flow” as you do from time-to-time in your teaching.

    Finally, this congruence as given me the power to be honored to work with my first paying client! And, I have reached out to several more people for potential coaching.

    I am fully committed to NLP and as you know set it in my future to continue my training with you with the Master Prac in November of this year.

    Thanks again for your fantastic teachings and I am looking forward to seeing you in November.


  2. Shirley says:

    The NLP 4 day training added useful and validated techniques to many of the other trainings I have had over the years. The biggest impact to my life was the validation that I am able to absorb this type of training and have become more aware of many of the traits and the state of my family members and people I meet every day and converse with.

  3. Hi David,

    Thank you for being there, and we did have a great time!!

    Great work on your client! Keep it up!

    Mahalo, Matt

  4. Hi Shirley,

    I do hear that a lot, and I am glad that you were there to be a part of the event.

    Thank you,

  5. Aloha Matt,

    First and foremost, I would like to extend my gratitude to The Empowerment Partnership for the 4-day Accelerated NLP practitioner training you offered at an unbelievable price of $97! When I signed up for this course, I had kept an open mind and heart as I had very little idea of what NLP was about and what I was going to get from it.

    There were so many life tools I learned from this training that I know will serve me well for many years to come. In fact, I already had felt a shift in my day-to-day experiences, wherein I have been able to feel good about everyone whom I have been relating with, regardless of their world view and have been more open to everything that I am faced with.

    One of the struggles I had before this training was my motivation in going to work, finding it very difficult to get up each morning. This might not seem like a big problem, but I know many who experience a similar lack of motivation esp with those my age (50’s). In one of the exercises we had, I had the chance to work on this particular challenge and had some real success. Once I got back home, I immediately felt energized about going to work, with a new positive outlook, feeling motivated to get out of bed and looking forward to each day. Having been in the IT industry for over 20 years, I felt I had found renewed energy!

    I found a new purpose in being at work as well, knowing that I now have the tools to deal with colleagues who are having some struggles as well and share the knowledge with others who are interested. With NLP, life has been more interesting, and I have a better perception of my world and acceptance of others worlds.

    Each day I get to practice NLP, and am grateful how it is helping me to feel more aligned, balanced and true to myself.

    Thanks again for a very well organized training and kudos to your team of professionals having done such a great and fun course! You have given us all such a gift which is very valuable to living a better quality of life.

    I now look forward to being at the Huna workshop in September!

    Mahalo nui loa & a hui hou!

  6. Dr. Matt…I thoroughly enjoyed the 4 day Accelerated NLP Practitioner class. You presented the information concisely with enthusiasm. I practice the NLP techniques regularly and it greatly improves my approach to my clients and my personal life. I recently utilized your training for a research paper on the students of the digital generation…Thank you. Steve S. PhDl…

  7. Hi Matt,

    What I liked the most was to realize the impact of language in the way we interact with ourselves and the world. I was completely unaware how powerful can be “Perception is projection” as a concept in changing your attitude and beliefs. Amazing stuff!

    The biggest impact it has had on me is how I now talk to myself. It has definitely changed my life. Not easy, yet incredibly transforming. The best use of this is how I now also relate to my family and use questions to understand better instead of jumping into giving advice.

    I realized you help people so much more when instead of telling them what they should do (or what you think they should do) you ask them a few questions and let them come up with their own answers. It’s simply a better approach to life. Really cool!

  8. After attending the incredible cheap price of $97 NLP program in San Diego, I felt the empowerment that has to be exercised. It is really through putting theory into concrete actions. I am retiree and now i have to structure in my own my daily activities as compared
    to 9-5 work before. Structuring my own life after the 30 yrs plus of working was a challenged! Now I can sit down and figure out what I really want to do: volunteer work,
    more time in the garden, more quality time with family and friends, more time in meditation.’ My mother-in-law ( who greatly helped raising my kids while both parents went to work) just passed away but I think I was able to put quality time with her. I recommend NLP website for more information to friends and family , that might want or in search for empowerment, focus, or expansion in life in general. NLP is surely one
    of the tools to get into deeper understanding of who we really are and the potential for
    each one of us! ThANK YOU , Matt and NLP team, for raising mankind’s vibration to
    a higher level!

  9. Hi Matt,

    Your four course was fantastic. I didn’t think I would ever learn all this and fully understand it in four days but your course made it happen. The 30 day action was good reienforcement. Your staff gave great support. The CDs and audio mp3 all help to quickly learn the program. However, I enjoyed the four day course and will probably take a refresher next year.

    Thanks for your dedication!


  10. Thank you so very much for providing the 4 day NLP Practitioner course! I was introduced to some of the basic elements of NLP while in University (many, many, many years ago). I had wanted to continue learning about NLP and would read articles from time to time, but found that the concepts did not “stick”. After taking the course, what I learned stayed with me and I use the tools on a regular basis.

    Who knew that something as basic as the NLP presuppositions would change my life?

    Additionally, I completed the 30-day Action Plan and wrote the test and passed! I look forward to continuing my NLP work with you and the Empowerment Network.

  11. Hi Matt,
    Let me first say that I am eternally grateful to you and the Empowerment Partnership for making this enjoyable and beneficial course available for just $97! Although I herd of NLP previous to this experience and was eager to attend, I received a lot more than I expected. I thought that I would receive a lot of advertising with a little substance and I actually experienced NLP in action while participating in a full practitioner’s certificated course. This is simply fantastic! This course have given me the tools which when added to my acquired life’s knowledge makes me feel competent enough to officially start a life coaching practice.
    On a personal level I no longer graze, I now drink water or don’t react to the trigger which causes me to do so and this is just one of many positives. My training in this field has just began and I’m back in touch with who I am at the core. Thank you Matt, for putting this train back on track. May God continue to bless you as you bless those around you.

  12. brianne says:

    While I agree that the four days were well organized and the two presenters (Matt and Nick) were very knowledgeable, I honestly took very little learning away from my experience.

    For most of the four days participants sat in their chairs while listening to a lecture-mode presentation. There was very little experiential learning – how I learn best, as do many others.

    While sitting there participants were encouraged to respond every few moments or so with an affirmation of “yes,” either verbally or with a show of hands in response to questions embedded in the lecture, questions such as “Yes?” and “Does this make sense?” If it didn’t make sense, or you didn’t agree, too bad, because questions were not allowed (until the second half of the last day, and then very few) outside of placing them on an index card, some of which were read at the beginning of each of the following three days. So, very little participant engagement with the facilitators throughout the entire four days.

    This had me realize early on that the four days was more about “buy-in” to their next-level training. It was less about content and more of sales presentation, loaded with stories – which I remember very little of. Had I been there to learn how to sell….they had it down (I think. Hard to know how many people signed up for the advanced training). Had I been given more time to absorb and work with the content they did cover, more time to engage with the facilitators and other participants, as opposed to sound bytes of information I might have considered moving ahead. But, if moving ahead meant more of the same, no thank you.

    Furthermore, the slick and offensive presentation by the visiting Austrailian (sorry, I do not remember his name) there to sell you his “coaching” how-to for Options Investing (you too can be rich like me) was obscene. What does this have to do with NLP anyway? He wanted 60 minutes of our time, and took nearly two hours.

    In his presentation he made it clear that no one would ever have to have a JOB again, and continually made it clear over and over again that that having a “J-O-B” was actually a disadvantage. In my interpretation of what he was saying – a “negative” thing. In a down economy where some people are concerned with losing their jobs, or have already lost theirs, I found this incredibly insensitive. And, what if you are someone who actually likes your job? And, isn’t he working trying to sell you his services while being away from his family for “three weeks” to do so?

    He also used melodramatic stories – his ill newborn child in the hospital, for instance, to help illustrate how his financial situation brought him freedom to be able to be with his child (I think his point was not having to report to a J-O-B, as well as being able to afford, financially, being with his family 24/7). Seriously? Several of us walked out. One was a long-time Wall Street investment guy who said you don’t need expensive “coaching” to learn the process, it’s actually relatively simple, that there is plenty of information on line, and if you are involved already with and adviser or broker, you could talk to them about it.

    For that presentation alone I would not consider doing anything with the Empowerment Partnership again.

    Lastly, I found it curious that Matt seemed to de-bunk pretty much every other NLP thought leader. Or, maybe I heard it wrong. No doubt Matt is a smart guy with a lot of information to share. Still, I left thinking he has an ego the size of Hawaii, and questioned his integrity for both bringing in the Australian, and presenting only sound-bytes of information with little room for experiential learning while clearly selling his Master program the entire time. A note about experietial learning: We spent 15 minutes in groups of two three or four times, plus two slightly longer exercises for groups of three and/or four. Sometimes questions arose in the groups that we either didn’t have time to ask about or that, when addressed, left very little time for practice. In fact, in one exercise only one of us got to practice, because we had to get back in our chairs.

    I had been curious about NLP for years. I (and my friend) spent close to $1,000 to attend this four-day $97 scholarship program (hotel, meals, train, parking at train station), not to mention the days away from work (we are both self-employed).

    My biggest take-away? I should have done my research before signing up. As you’ve heard it said, “You get what you pay for.” $97 for four days…think carefully before you sign up.

  13. Debbie Butson says:

    I had taken a course in NLP a few years ago and received certification as a basic practitioner however I had no understanding of NLP and did not know how I could possibly help other people. I took your course with the idea that it was going to change my life and it has already. The 30 day plan encouraged me to practice everyday until I became comfortable with using NLP. I would highly recommend the course to anyone who wants to make changes in their life or others. After taking this course, I have noticed the reasons why I do not get along with certain people and have been working on building rapport and it works. Every time.
    Thanks again.

  14. TED ONEILL says:

    Dr. Matt Just some feedback…I attended the 4 Day NLP Practitioner course in Tampa. I never heard of NLP before a friend gave my a brochure about the course. The 4 days was the most important thing I have done in my lifetime. It opened my eyes to how people think. For me it also explained everything about my behaviour and why I was frustrated, angry, and unable to communicate effectively with other people. The result has been truly awesome. My friends cannot believe the change that happened in four days. Yes, I still have lots of work to do and for the first time in my lifetime I am HAPPY. I look forward to attending the Master Practitioner course in Newport. I am truly thankful I found you and NLP…it is truly awesome. Ted

  15. It’s my pleasure to share my learning experiences from Matt in NLP. I can see Matt is offering global training to everywhere in this planet, and influencing the planet. Undoubtedly, I come from the other side of this planet, China, Hong Kong, more than 13 flying hours in distance, for getting his training. My reason is simple: Matt is an excellent educator for us, for demonstrating his positive energy in training, professional knowledge and effective skills….

    After his training, we went back my country. In the same year, we set up our association – International Positive Psychological Association (IPPA), for advocating the positive psychology to people, with using Matt’s NLP.

    In next year, we had made a breakthrough to our society in drug-cession services. In our traditional drug-cession services, people need to be detained in dorm for a long time; always more than a year, and even to several years is common, for cutting their drug addiction. Anyway, we did not believe that kind of services mode is a must.

    We believed that using NLP could shorten this time period; so, we wrote a proposal to our Government to make a new services mode and got funding successful as a pioneer project in drug-cession services. It’s not easy experiences for us, as we met some great voices from the field, including those psychiatrists and leaders of those dorms, writing their ‘ impossible ’ perspective in newspapers and saying negatively in radios all the time, at the beginning phase of our project.

    Nevertheless, in our project, we shorten this time period to three months, for helping those youths to set their realistic life goal and strategy, to achieve their personal growth for breaking their limiting beliefs, to let them learning communication skills of NLP for improving their relationships, to change their internal representations on their drugs …Finally, we made our statically records for the public, and found most of them (over 80%) can cut their drug-taking habits successfully. It is believed the successful rate has convinced the people to think about the traditional mode of drug-cession services. After the mass media has announced our statically records, we found the Government also support this mode of drug cession, and that field is also in changing…

    Dr May TSE
    International Positive Psychological Association
    DCH (APU), EdD( c) Bristol university, PGDE (HKIED), MA (CUHK), BSS(CUHK), R.S.W, Cht, Licensed senior counselor and trainer in China.

  16. It’s my pleasure to share my learning experiences from Matt in NLP. I can see Matt is offering global training to everywhere in this planet, and influencing the planet. Undoubtedly, I come from the other side of this planet, China, Hong Kong, more than 13 flying hours in distance, for getting his training. My reason is simple: Matt is an excellent educator for us, for demonstrating his positive energy in training, professional knowledge and effective skills….

    After his training, we went back my country. In the same year, we set up our association – International Positive Psychological Association (IPPA), for advocating the positive psychology to people, with using Matt’s NLP.

    In next year, we had made a breakthrough to our society in drug-cession services. In our traditional drug-cession services, people need to be detained in dorm for a long time; always more than a year, and even to several years is common, for cutting their drug addiction. Anyway, we did not believe that kind of services mode is a must.

    We believed that using NLP could shorten this time period; so, we wrote a proposal to our Government to make a new services mode and got funding successful as a pioneer project in drug-cession services. It’s not easy experiences for us, as we met some great voices from the field, including those psychiatrists and leaders of those dorms, writing their ‘ impossible ’ perspective in newspapers and saying negatively in radios all the time, at the beginning of our project.

    Nevertheless, in our project, we shorten this time period to three months, for helping those youths to set their realistic life goal and strategy, to achieve their personal growth for breaking their limiting beliefs, to let them learn communication skills of NLP for improving their relationships, to change their internal representation on their drugs…Finally, we made our statically records for the public, and found most of them (over 80%) can cut their drug-taking habits successfully. It is believed the successful rate has convinced the people to think about the traditional mode of drug-cession services. After the mass media has announced our statically records, we found the Government also support this mode of drug cession, and that field is also in changing…

    Dr May TSE
    International Positive Psychological Association
    DCH (APU), EdD( c) Bristol university, PGDE (HKIED), MA (CUHK), BSS(CUHK), R.S.W, Cht, Licensed senior counselor and trainer in China.

  17. Dr. Matt –

    Dude, I haven’t been to Prac in over a year, but I can forward this to our office manager, Deanine, who attended the Tampa training. I think you met her on the first day; you guys had a conversation about a cat… or something….

  18. Michael Feiner says:

    NLP prac. back in 2000 (Toronto) put me on path to personal peace and enlightenment,
    as well as, a fulfilling therapy practice. I appreciate the several trainings I took with you Matt (Future, NLP Master, Profit).. I constantly refer back to my notes and your material .

  19. After this pioneer project, we started another project. We put NLP to a school – to transform the teachers, to make the school operation becoming more efficient and effective.

    Our experience is: as the teachers received NLP training, the training can make them become different. Includes, more effective communication with their students and parents, more effective operation inside their working team.

    In our field experiences, we can see how the schools being transformed with NLP and positive energy, and how they experiencing the great improvements.It is reported, the students’ discipline problems are greatly reduced, and students’ performance improved… For the practical results, the Education Department of our Government also appreciated this new try…

    In fact, as the first school was transformed, several schools invited me, including both secondary and primary schools, asked for similar positive transformations. In fact, we are experiecning a butterfly effect!

    Dr May TSE
    International Positive Psychological Association
    DCH (APU), EdD( c) Bristol university, PGDE (HKIED), MA (CUHK), BSS(CUHK), R.S.W, Cht, Licensed senior counselor and trainer in China.

  20. When I signed up for the 4-day training in Philly, it was with the knowledge that I would have to leave on Saturday afternoon for an important family event. Oh, well, I thought, at least I will get in 2.5 days and get a sense of things. Well, I was SO SORRY to have to leave, and I know I will find my way back to the training to do it again and to its completion. The training was inspiring, informative, and wholly engaging.
    Matt, the Hawaiian shirts must stay, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! The main feedback I want to offer you is that at the very beginning, I thought: “is this guy for real, or is this his act?” Quickly I came to understand that you are for real, and that your enthusiasm flows from your heart. I trust you and am grateful that you are out there doing your work.

  21. Dear Student,

    First, I want to thank you for taking the time to write a response. All responses on my blog are monitored, and I read them before they are posted so that I can eliminate spam. In other words, after reading your post, which could be read as disrespectful to me, I still decided to post it in fairness and honesty (bet you thought I wouldn’t!).

    Second, I want to apologize personally for the experience you had. I can only say that of the dozen responses I have had so far, this is the only negative one, and I do admit from stage, based on independent research of our students, we have a 92% level of very or extremely happy with our events (see my post titled Research Study of NLP Training Effectiveness).

    You may have even heard me say that 1% of the respondents of the research rated us the lowest they could. Meaning, I know that our event is not for everyone and in fact there will be at least one walking away unhappy. I am sorry you are that one.

    I will avoid reframing your comments, and just say again, please forgive us for not hitting the mark for you.

    Now, having said that, I have to tell you, I will continue to run the events the way I do, because the other 92% are loving it. (The 7% between the loving it group and the hating it group, just doesn’t care either way I guess…. 🙂

    I received an email from the lady I did the phobia with in the Irvine event thanking me for taking the time to help her release her snake phobia, and that is what I focus on and why I do what I do.

    While I did say above that I appreciate the time you took, I personally did not appreciate the ego and integrity comment. That maybe was a bit over the top on your part. There was a recent post on Facebook from another student of mine that went something like this: When you dream big, sometimes others will attempt to tear down your dream rather than focusing on their own.

    I am not sure if it fits here, and if it does, it is sad. If it does not, then again, sorry. However, I will continue to dream big and get NLP out to as many as I can. To receive a gift of $4000 for $97 and make these comments means two things: 1. I missed the mark as a teacher in explaining some basic comments in your class, and 2. Your gripe may be about something else and maybe I am just today’s target. And, with the second, I still missed an opportunity to teach you about the true benefit of NLP. So for both, I am sorry (my bad…)

    My offer to you, because you did take the time to write this, is to come and take the event again on me. If you want to come and review it for free, maybe the second time through you will see things differently. I sometimes do! Also, if you would like to email me personally, I will discuss this further and see if there is anyway I can help.

    If you choose not to, no hard feelings, just know that I did my best in your event to teach from my heart with integrity and I am doing my best now to make it pono (right), and the ball is in your court.

    Mahalo, Matt James

  22. Please do, thank you!

  23. Thank you so much and I will see you soon in Newport Beach!!

  24. Hi Debbie,

    Please remember, you don’t have to build rapport with everyone. It is ok to have healthy boundaries in life. (I should write a blog post about that!!)

    Mahalo, Matt

  25. Thank you for making it possible for me to teach!! Also, thank you so much for the blessings, that is a wonderful gift!


  26. Dear Bruno,

    You got a major lesson there! So many want others to tell them what to think. I can’t do that. It would be dumb-ing down the material. We all have to learn how to think so we can be empowered.

    I am so glad you got that!!

    Thank you,

  27. Dear Belita,

    A heart filled thank you for taking the time to write this. I so appreciate it, and I do hope you have an amazing quality of life!!


  28. Hi Michael,

    Wow, that was back at one of my first in Canada! Was that the one on Jarvis??


  29. Dear Paula,

    The aloha shirts are staying!! 🙂

    Please do come back and see if you can make it for the entire training. I know we are in Toronto later this year (that is the closest).


  30. Hi DrMatt,
    It was a great experience. Understanding that we perceive life based on our acquired beliefs, I really liked the Submodalities Belief Change technique. This, and every other part of the training has been a great tool that helps my personal growth coaching business.

  31. Aliki Helman says:

    Dear Matt,

    Overall, learning NLP for me was a transformational experience. After practicing NLP with people and seeing how much of a difference I can make, I signed up for iPEC coaching program and will make it my career. It is the most gratifying experience to help a client to start dreaming and implement their dreams in reality.

    I am very happy I took this, 4 day accelerated NLP Practitioner training. It was fast, intense, fun and is a perfect fit for those who want to understand what NLP is about and learn a lot of techniques and for those who get truly inspired by NLP it is an opportunity to become a certified practitioner given that you will do a very significant amount of work on your own (30 day action plan).

    Thank you for making it possible with the scholarship program, I wouldn’t have done it otherwise and would have missed an opportunity to change my life to better.

    Thank you, Matt!

    Aliki Helman

  32. Michelle says:


    I took your survey, but I’m afraid I’m not currently up to speed on blogging and was not able to figure out how to put my response up.
    I would like to tell you that attending your NLP Training last year in Huntington Beach was really terrific! I especially enjoyed the mapping across technique! I haven’t had a craving for a Starbucks Iced Mocha since! haha!
    I feel very privileged to have knowledge of NLP, however, I am not interested in becoming a practitioner. I was curious about it because I have seen people use it in a “dark” way and wanted to know how to protect myself. The more I learn about NLP, the more I understand everyone around me i.e. their motivation for doing the things they do. This makes me more successful in dealing with more of a variety of situations. My goal is to create an abundant life for myself, to include, not just money, but the kind of people I can trust and respect surrounding me.
    A couple of times in my life, I found myself with monetary success, only to look around and find myself surrounded by “vultures” who did not care to support me personally, only to try to take things away from me. It reminded me of seagulls in their dumpster diving activities – not what I want to witness again.
    My study and practice of HUNA has actually been more helpful to me…..changed my life really. Developing my relationship with the energy of the universe is the most fascinating thing I’ve done so far in my life. Every day I am surprised to learn something new about the power of intention and the use of the energy of thought and action. You are doing the most important work on the planet, and I’m very thankful I stumbled upon your teaching.
    I will say one thing about the Training I attended – the people from Australia had a style of marketing that I find insulting and offensive, I’m sure that’s why you are not continuing to work with them. I’m sure that style works for them with the enough people to make it worth their while to continue to employ it, I can only hope there are others like me that don’t appreciate being dealt with like a mindless simpleton. I have never seen you use that style of communication, and I applaud you for that.
    I have been signed up to attend a HUNA 10 day training in Kona for 3 years now, and I really want to go to it, but, as I said before, my goal being what it is, I’m afraid I will not have any money at all until I master the way to surround myself with loving, supportive people.
    I wish you and your family and staff all the best!

    Michelle Corbin

  33. I attended the NLP training presented by Matt James and found it to be a very full program with a lot of useful information. I have over 500 hrs of professional training and for me it was an excellent refresher course. Material was well presented including lots of demonstrations and humor.and a very full notebook. The price was beyond a bargain at $97 and Matt James and crew are a great group of compassionate souls. Thank you so much! l

  34. Hi lovely,

    Just a little note of huge gratitude to you.

    Thankyou for being an outstanding source of information and support as I travel through the NLP journey.

    I have been reading my old NLP training notes from 3 years ago as I prepare to go to Master Prac.

    You have consistently provided great service and guidance.

    So it is with tremendous appreciation that I write and say – thankyou for being you.

    I hope that we get to meet one day,


  35. Gabriel says:

    I attended the 4 day training you did in SeaTac and couldn’t be happier that I did. I was turned on to NLP by one of my professors as part of a course on help desk / customer service. I’ve always figured that anything I can do to better communicate with others would help me in any job I may attempt. So when she explained that NLP was a way to better communicate, I jumped at the opportunity. I was blown away by all of the ways that I was already using many of the techniques and love that now I better understand how to more directly build rapport with someone. My teachers, my friends, and my wife have all commented on how I seem to be able to communicate better then ever before. I’ve seen that my grades have improved because I’m better able to communicate my ideas. I can’t begin to express how much this has impacted my life nor all the areas that is has improved things. I plan on bringing my wife and any of my friends I can the next time you are in this area 🙂 I feel that even if you don’t have plans of going into practice for yourself, just having this skill will help in all of one’s daily life.

    Thanks again for opening my eyes and helping me communicate better,

  36. Richard says:

    Hi Dr Matt!

    I completed the 4-day NLP training in Seattle. I had confidence in Empowerment Partnership and I did expect a rich content, yet honestly I didn’t expect to receive the training directly from you. How great to get see you in action as a role model in real life!

    I was blown away by the depth of coverage in the material, the resources that have become available to me, and the skill and professionalism of the staff. For the scholarship price, you are practically giving away the material. And the attendee does have to participate to get the benefit as well so there is mutual exchange. I completed my exam and action plan and am delighted and honored to be one of your trained, Certified NLP practitioners. 🙂

    Specifically, I want to thank you for sharing ho’oponopono with us. I am fortunate to be aware of and practice with energy. As you began I immediately sensed the shift in the room. You are a boon to the world to share this skill you have learned with us. I overcame a challenging obstacle with two people I dearly love as a result of this single experience during the training. Thank you.

  37. I took the 4 day NLP training in Toronto Last year. I am taking the time to write in your blog because this training has made a huge positive impact in most aspects of my life not only because you helped me take away my airplane phobia but because the material you and Nick conducted in class was professional, knowledgeable and extremely effective for daily and professional practice. I have heard my brother talking about NLP for years and never took my attention to attend the trainings. When the scholarships came in I thought… well I have nothing to lose, I go to Canada, if I don’t like it its just $100 and I get to visit Canada for 4 days!!!! After I attended the training I needed to express my appreciation to you and your team for giving up your time so people can hear and learn this beautiful material and when I say giving up I really mean it because all these knowledge for $100 is a gift. I liked it so much that I re-took the 4 day training in Philadelphia this past May, I signed up for the next level of NLP in New Port Beach this November and I will be attending your Huna Training in Hawaii this September. Thanks again Matt, please live long to teach others what was gifted to you.

  38. Dear Matt,

    I have attended a 4 day nlp seminar in Brisbane, Austtralia with yourself and another teacher/trainer. Your knowledge and teaching style were the sole reason for my continued interest and progress in the realm of both NLP and meditation. At 25 years of age, I felt ‘connected’ as did my 40+ friends, whom have also progressed with their study and interest in the field.

    Thankyou for your generosity in knowledge.


  39. Hello Matt,

    I was at both Toronto 4 Day Pracs in October and April (I believe) and I would like to say what I liked most about the training are the stories that you and the other trainers take the time to tell during the training. I always remember them and they are really helpful to me when it comes to getting the knowledge to sink in. I always enjoy coming to NLP and Huna seminars. The learnings have not only impacted all aspects of my life, they are my life!

    Thank you Matt for allowing me to be a part of Huna and NLP at such a young age. I am looking forward to seeing you at Huna Level 3 in March this year!

    Another thing I would like to say is that Ho’oponopono is one of the most valuable things I have learned and I would love to let others experience how it works (more people, more often). I believe it is something everyone should be doing.

    Mahalo and Aloha,

    Maria maria maria 🙂

  40. Even though it is against my rule of not posting anything on forums and blogs, this time I cannot resist commenting on Brianne’s post.

    I took the class in Irvine, and have to say that the concept of “introductory course” got lost on Brianne. Even though I came to the class with somewhat advanced knowledge of NLP and quantum physics because my wife took the class before and I had access to both Prac and Master Prac materials, I thought that the structure of the class was ideally tailored to a broad audience with NLP familiarity ranging from zero to advanced. I believe that Brianne’s dissatisfaction is rooted in not accepting NLP presuppositions of respecting other people’s models of the world. She wants class to be structured to fit her personal kinesthetic learning model, assuming that most people are the same (“…how I learn best, as do many others”). The reality is that most people (approx. 90% of adult population) are visual or auditory learners and presentation by Matt and Nick was a perfect fit for the majority. The goal of introduction to NLP was achieved with a great level of success, although few kinesthetic learners did make a comment of not enough practice. Sorry, guys and girls, you can’t have everything in 4 days (and for $97). Take an advanced class – you will have more practice than you can handle!

    Brianne’s complaints of presenters engaging the audience with questions like “Yes?”, or “Does it make sense?” are pathetic. These are ABCs of good presentation which are a must with such a huge audience. I personally enjoyed watching Matt’s and Nick’s presentations, identifying all the key techniques that I learned from reading “Presenting Magically”. Hope that Brianne is not in a business of presenting to large audiences.

    Moreover, a couple sitting next to me on day 3 shared their satisfaction with the class by stating that in 3 days here they have learned more than in their previous 7 day and over $3,000 class with another trainer.

    Overall, I am very satisfied with the program, except for one issue that is not very important to me, but I will bring it up as a part of my feedback. It is a general expectation that “certification” is offered to certify that a person has met certain requirements and successfully passed the test. For example, one can expect that, upon completion of the class and the 30 day action plan, and successfully passing the test, an individual will be given a certificate of course completion from Kona University or Empowerment Partnership. Your model, on the other hand, offers a limited time certification by a third party on a condition of taking more classes every year. While this makes a perfect sense in terms of affiliation or membership with the AIP, certification process, in my opinion, should be the teaching entity prerogative.

    One thing in Brianne’s post that I can understand (but not agree with the tone of comments), is the guest speaker presentation. I totally get why George was there and what was achieved. With that, I also agree that many people benefit from George’s training because they need that “push” to start making money. At the same time I understand those who walked out. For me personally, just like for Brianne and those who walked out with her, the message of this presentation had no value because everything that George is offering is available online and in printed materials for a fraction of his price. I did not walk out though for 2 reasons. First, out of respect for the presenter and those who arranged for his presentation. Second, because I came to the class to learn and George’s presentation was a good learning experience for me. Brianne’s reaction to this presentation was, again, based on her own model of the world that has no place for other people’s needs. Many people do not need coaching to use trading tools and techniques, but the majority of Matt’s students have no exposure to trading nor they feel comfortable learning it by the way of “trials and errors” because errors in trading can quickly get one to a bankruptcy court. This is why a bunch of people signed up on a spot for training that will cost them more than they can afford. With that said, I want to express my opinion (and again, emphasis on “my”) about George’s presentation. Presentation was crafted to a target market of people who have no idea about financial operations. Emphasis was put on not having to work (the infamous “J” word) for the rest of life with this program. This may be a true statement if amount of investment by far exceeds suggested minimum of $2,000. What George is not focusing on is that for a majority of investors, who, according to a popular these days division of society, fall under the definition of 99%, investing an amount sufficient for generating substantial income, is impossible because they live from paycheck to paycheck lacking that initial capital that can give them a good head start. This does not mean that the program is not working. It, probably, works on a long run, and people must have reasonable expectations when they sign up. Another issue that bothered me is that there is no clear statement of services offered. Many people were thinking that George’s company is offering some kind of an “investment club”, others thought that they will be given a magical “failure safe” online investment tool, developed by George, etc. What I’d expect from a presenter is a clear statement that he is offering a training class, teaching his clients using commonly available tools and mentoring and advising them while they perfect their investment techniques. And, finally, what really upset me is that, on multiple occasions in his speech, George referred to futures’ brokers as “idiots”. I think that this is not just disrespectful to people who are in the same business with him, not simply inappropriate in public presentation, but makes people believe that they can get rich fast because these “idiots” will just give them their money. Sorry, folks – these “idiots” are much smarter that you think and are there to make money, often by taking yours. That is what they do best, regardless of what George wants you to believe. Oh, yes – and the web site is terrible! Invest a little in a professional web designer – it will pay back more than futures do. No offense, George – this is just a feedback.

    Sorry, I digressed from the main topic of the NLP class. Unlike Brianne, I think that I got way more than $97 + all expenses worth out of this class. As mentioned before, I came to the class armed with all the things that I read, but seeing live presentation enhanced this knowledge 10 fold. Although I took the class as a private person, being an officer of a large corporation I apply the acquired knowledge at work and can now communicate with my peers and subordinates in a much more efficient way, creating a better workplace for all. I have given a gift of the next class in San Diego to a friend who is a professional psychologist, and am pretty sure that she will benefit from it just as I did.

    Thank you, Matt and staff for the great experience.


  41. Hi Matt,

    Personally, I loved it all, and I was grateful the San Diego weekend class was small because I felt we were able to get some quality time with you. The 4-day was also an amazing experience. I loved that we were able to learn and exercise the material so that it sticks as well as absorb the material after class in the evening. The morning recaps definitely helped.

    One thing I can say for sure is that this stuff works! I believe its been about a year since I’ve taken both, and the changes I’ve seen in my life are exactly what I had worked on during the 4-day practitioner. I’m constantly finding ways to use the techniques taught in my daily life from business to personal. Communication is the response we get.

    Thanks Matt!

  42. Walt Patulski says:

    Finished your training in Toronto at the end of April and have been in action ever since!
    I have studied and have been attracted to NLP over the last 10 or so years. I have just never participated in any formal training until your Practioners Training in Toronto.It was excellent and I finally realized what an impact it could have on my life and on those around me. During the training we worked on several techniques and I was able to experience a major break through around a limiting belief I have held for most of my life. Your training enabled me to see how simple and easy it is to enjoy victory over the past.
    Please keep up the good work that you are engaged in and I look forward to continuing with my study of NLP.

  43. maria gudino says:

    Hi Matt your seminar was great I learned a lot and it was a lot of material that i received from you.thank you so much to you and all the people that assist those days. thank you for your generosity.

  44. Matt;

    One of your fathers students suggested I take this course. At the time I hadn’t a clue what NLP was and I hesitated to enroll until the very last minute. On the one hand I thought at my age (I’m 74) what can I possibly gain and on the other for $97 if I don’t like it I can leave. I found the insight to the workings of the subconscious, how you really can affect change, the different lenses other people see the world through, the techniques of establishing rapport and anchoring, absolutely fascinating. So, did I enjoy and learn from your course? Absolutely!
    At the seminar I attended you introduced several people with expertise in other fields to speak to us. As a result I met George Fokas and subsequently enrolled in his course, which also has been a marvellous experience.
    So the hesitant decision I made about taking this seminar has proven to be one of the best I have ever made and I am very grateful to you for enabling it.

  45. Shahin Jedian CHT, NLPP says:

    Oh , I have said this before on the video right after the training and a few years later Now I feel I gotta express myself about how thankful I am. If it was not for Matt’s thoughtful way of making the program available, I would have never attained the skills I have today and 1000s of people would not have benefited from me either. That would be very painful for me and my potential as a human being. This is why I am so grateful to Matt James. He is an inspiration to me and my family.

    I had skills before I came in, but after I went through the program I felt super integrated in terms of bringing it all together and that is rare to find. Integration is the key here. Kona, Huna, NLP, Hypnosis, all Integrated. It was worth attending ,even if the only message I got was the relationship between my higher self and my unconscious and conscious mind and the roles between them…..

    Matt is one of the first individual’s in my life who so openly wanted us to grow in our own way. He has provided the tools in a way that just can’t help but make you into a person that will grow so fast that you will come to the realization that you have it in you, you just needed a bit of activation…

    Thanks a Million
    Shahin D. Jedian CHT, NLPP, Spiritual Advisor and Holistic Film Maker

  46. Hi May!

    Thank you so much for you posts, and I am very proud of the work you are doing in China!!

    Keep up the great work!


  47. Hi Iz,

    Thank you so much for your comments, and I can only be me! 🙂


  48. Hi Richard,

    As long as I am able to, I will be teaching these trainings. I love to hear the amazing results, and you are so right about needing to participate to get the most out of it. I think that is true for life! Participate in life at 100%!

    Thank you,

  49. Matt! I attended my first Prac in Newport, May of last year and I decided that it Changed my life! I did return to anchor some of the things I had learned and wanted to refresh in Dec. in L.A….I signed up for Master Prac. in July!…I can’t wait!

  50. Yelitza says:

    Hi Matt,

    The NLP Practitioner training has been the best training I have taken in a very long time. The value received from it including your time, the staff time, printed material, audios, action plan, and ” overall content” were priceless. I am very grateful to your organization for making this training available to so many people for such a low price.

    I took NLP when I was going through a transition period in my career, relationships in general, and had a problem with a knee that prevented me to do what I loved the most (Aikido) for a couple of months. At the time, I felt that things were shifting and that I needed to put things in perspective and take action. A friend recommended me your training. I was hesitant at first because of the low price but my gut told me to go, and I’m so happy I did!

    So far, the areas that I have got more value from NLP have been career and relationships. NLP was also the first step towards a big personal change that came after taking another of your trainings (Huna). I feel very blessed, empowered, and congruent at the moment. The actions taken after receiving your training have been key to increase awareness of myself and others, which has been very powerful at work, for example. Creating rapport and leading, as well as and looking at people’s eyes to discover their strategies have been two main areas that I keep practicing and want to get better.

    I am still a beginner, and yet it’s amazing how powerful the tools could be. I need lot of practice, and I can say that it’s fun to do it!

    Thanks so much for this gift!


  51. Matt

    I enjoyed the 4 day NLP course very much. I am so glad you provided the opportunity to do so at such an affordable price and you left nothing out ! In addition to the NLP tools, I have learned so much about myself as well. Learning was fun during your humor filled presentations ! The audio, visual and printed materials were so easy to follow, as I prepared for certification. In my opinion, your integrity and sincerity to reach people was woven through and through . I would like to add that the design and process of the learning material, were in themselves congruent with the content. Last but not the least, you are a very gifted teacher. THANK YOU !!


  52. Earl Fredrick Wilson Ph.D. says:

    Hi, Dr. Matt:

    In response to your request, I hope this is helpful! You asked if I was there, and would I comment?

    I’ve participated in an Empowerment weekend (Seattle, Hypnosis 2011) and an Introductory NLP 4-day classs (Newport Beach 2011).
    Knowing I would have surgery, I completed the on-line NLP Practitioner Course (completing top of class) during the recovery time later in 2011.
    I attended the Seattle training, in early 2012. That’s my recent exposure. I was there.

    Your presentations model positive energy, goodwill, and humor.
    More importantly, your materials and personal presentations offer hope of personal empowerment for those willing to become at cause in their own pathways.
    You offer hope for those who want to make changes in themselves as part of a pathway to wholeness and fulfillment.

    Your own quest for excellence has led you into the path of the scientist-practitioner model of human service delivery.
    I read sections from some of the texts in your Transpersonal Psychology Master’s classes.
    Those I looked at were well-grounded in scientific method.
    You may well refer to your particular NLP or therapeutic protocols and services as truly “evidence-based” in the best sense.

    In a nutshell:

    1. Your purposes in each training were clear. You have several. The most salient was empowerment and enlightenment of the participant.

    2. You and others on your staff did a good job in presenting the importance of mastering the skills.
    You involved the students in a masterful display of “stand-up-rapid-rapport”! You and Mr. Rave responded accurately and constructively to questions.
    You showed unconscious mastery of your field as far as you and others demonstrated it. The ability to adapt and modify protocol in process was impressive.
    The quality of disciplined professionalism was clear in manual and in personal presentations by staff also.

    3. The usefulness and applications were stated and demonstrated in a realistic, fact-based way in the presentations and on the CDs you provided.

    4. The limits of some methods and contraindications were well-stated and even repeated.
    I am wary of any “panacea”. I did not hear that from you..
    I heard and saw things that help if used consistently, but no “free lunch” promises.
    The indications and applications could be clearer in the manuals, in my opinion. I suspect you are more succinct in the MP level work.

    5. Theory, basis of foundational assumptions, and academic and therapeutic history and models were presented.
    It was brief, but in proportion to the whole body of materials. I found the clear statement of systems pre-suppositions refreshingly clear.

    6. Most of the skills produced positive effects for me. One was cumbersome at my level, but could be mastered.
    I used some NLP process, including a direct reproduction of one of your “model” protocols to address others loss and anger issues.

    As far as awareness of potential for growth, I am frustrated by my limits in one area of process.
    I am aware that for some processes to work very well, I must address some of my own issues.
    That is incomplete.

    7. Time for practice on site was not adequate for some of the activities.

    8. I gained new skills. I have used them, and will use them more in the future.

    Sincerely, Earl Fredrick Wilson Ph.D.

  53. Luzmaria says:


    Thank you so much for sharing your NLP knowledge with us at Irvine CA . I loved it because it came to my life at the right moment. I have seen huge changes in my life since then because I am in charge of my mind and therefore my results. This helped me to understand that If I improve my communication, everything in my life automatically changes. I just have to take responsibility of the meaning of my communication and be flexible to accept change and feedback from the universe. What really amazed me was your experience walking on fire. I want to do it!!! just to think about it is… If I walk on fire, what else will I be able to accomplish!!! Now the next step is Master practitioner. I think you do not have fire walker there. If you would reconsider it, it would be awesome.

    It is amazing how the human brain is capable of changing habits in just seconds. And most amazing is that we have the power to control that change for our highest good.


  54. Zara Zaratsyan says:

    Hello, dear Dr. Matt.

    I want to tell you that the four days of NLP training in New Port Beach was one of the

    most profound experiences in my life. I felt totally empowered and confident about who

    I am. The knowledge and the wisdom I got at the training was huge!

    I recommend that to everybody I know to have at least one training with you during

    there life time to be able to fulfill there life with a loving energy that comes from you

    and a true wisdom that comes from your heart!

    Thank you so much for being who you are. I wish I could be more often around your

    authentic self.

    Sincerely, Zara Zaratsyan, MD

  55. I already wrote you a physical letter and thank you card because I wanted to personally thank you and Nicholas for the phenomenal training in Irvine last month in May.

    I was hoping I could share my opinions with prospective students, and shortly thereafter, I noticed this post where I can do that! So even though the info below doesn’t perfectly answer the question you asked above, I hope the detail will help people trying to decide if they should do it or not…

    (My original letter is copied in below)

    Dr. Matthew James
    Mr. Nicholas Rave
    The Empowerment Partnership
    75-6099 Kuakini Highway
    Kailua-Kona, HI 96740

    Dear Gentlemen:

    Sorry if that sounds impersonal, but I respect you both very much and want to make sure that shows through. Anyway, once I started writing the thank you card, I realized that I have much more to say so I thought I’d type it up!

    I’d love to record an audio or video of some of my experiences, as I’m not sure I can do them justice by writing about them. But I just wanted to tell you that I’m a very logical, “prove it to me” kind of guy. I’ve heard about NLP for a while but since I didn’t want to add anything else to my plate, I almost kind of went out of my way to ignore it until I was ready.

    Once I realized that it was part of the “hypnosis world,” I started having doubts – as I mentioned to you at the seminar, to me hypnosis was the guy making people cluck like chickens at the comedy club in Costa Mesa about 20 years ago. That’s all I knew. I know now that was completely unfair of me to characterize it that way, but perception is perception, right?

    Anyway, I went into the seminar with an open mind, and I’m so glad I did. So much of the NLP world is grounded in science and various studies, so I didn’t even have to take a leap of faith and just trust it. It all made perfect sense the way you both developed and taught the subject.

    Keeping somebody engaged for 5 minutes is difficult these days. But for you and Nicholas to keep what appeared to be 95% of the room spellbound for four content-packed days was incredible. It is such a great thing to work with experts like you two and your whole team, as your quest for continuous improvement shows through in everything you do. You’ve really got this down cold – it just flat out works, is interesting, and extremely powerful.

    So the first huge breakthrough I had was when I did “mapping across” with Cheetos and slimy, uncooked liver. We couldn’t test in the seminar since Cheetos weren’t available. But to this day, any time I think about Cheetos, the instant image I get is slime. No time to think about it and try to decide if my mind is consciously doing that for me – it is just a flat-out visceral reaction. I can barely touch the unopened package to give to one of my kids as a treat! Simply amazing.

    The other thing that had a profound effect on me was the Huna demonstration. I was slowly relaxing with the music, and feeling pretty good, but wondering “when it would start” and what it was all about. When you (Dr. Matt) started chanting, I instantly got the chills, and felt like the voice of God was booming down from the Heavens. That in and of itself was a pretty cool feeling, but when you started talking about the energy flowing from above, I could have sworn that the lights in the room were turned back on (they weren’t, I found out later), and I could absolutely feel heat and light on the top of my head, and then absorbing into my body.

    Although the whole process was just mind-boggling to me (in a good way), the last thing that my logical brain took note of was the fact that when we started doing the forgiveness part, my eyes involuntarily started flickering back and forth between me and the others on the stage – it felt like what I would imagine Rapid Eye Movement to look and feel like.

    Like you said in the seminar, when you talked to some of your Hawaiian peers after completing a bunch of studies to prove Huna worked, they simply said “of course it works…why did you need to do studies?”

    It is so hard for a logical, non-new age, non “woo woo” kind of guy like me who has always tried to hold his emotions in check to be absolutely positive that this stuff works. But I am absolutely positive that it works!

    As I let my logical side run with it a little bit, my logical side reminds me that the human brain is simply unfathomable in its power, so why the heck shouldn’t all of this be possible?! It is pretty cool that both sides of my brain are now “in agreement”…

    We talked about the fact that you have experience in using your knowledge in the business world, and that is the whole reason we were there – we don’t have any kind of practice or any therapeutic side to our business. I can absolutely see how so many of these teachings can help raise the game of any “normal” business owner. I’ve had many breakthroughs already, and I know I’m just scratching the surface of the NLP world (but we’ll be digging deeper and deeper over the coming years – definitely through your organization.)

    That’s plenty of rambling for the night, but I wanted to finish this before I leave for vacation tomorrow… I can’t begin to thank you enough for making this available at the price point you did. I’m not sure I would have spent thousands taking the chance on whether I’d “get” NLP or not, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Doing what you do is a wonderful service to our world, and it should be required for everybody – the world would be a better place!

    Thanks again,

    Scott Harvey

  56. Hi Scott,

    Thank you so much for taking the time to write this, and I really appreciate that you were there to be a part of that wonderful group!!