NLP Training in California

I am heading to California today! Thank you all that attended the NLP Training in Philadelphia, it was a great time!


Today we are flying out to Los Angles, and driving down to Irvine. I am looking forward to the event and the group I am about to meet. This is the forth event in the series that we are running and then it is home to see the children.


Mahalo, Matt James



  1. Dr. Matt,

    I’m a participant I your current training in Irvine and just wanted to stop by and say it’s been an incredible experience so far. I actually have a background in Linguistics and Psychology and came into the discussion both intrigued and a little bit skeptical. After participating in the first 3 of the 4 day training, I see the connection between mind, body, and spirit as well as the critical connection between thought and language. I’m looking forward to the Master Practitioner Training and am grateful to have you as a mentor.

  2. Thank you very much for being here! Master Prac will be great!!!

  3. Greetings Matt-

    I have been on an all time energy high after attending the ANLP Practitioner Training in Irvine last week. What’s funny about that is that during the Like to Dislike exercise I chose to dislike Coffee. I still can not believe that I have not even had a craving for it once. Eight days with no coffee and no withdraw symptoms. I would not believe it if I did not experience it myself.

    After the first day in the training I remember thinking to myself, ‘this is where I belong’.

    I am looking forward to the Master Practitioner Training. You and your team delivered a high quality training and it was clear that you all cared about each of us. I am forever grateful for the experience.

  4. Hi Jeremy,

    Thank you so much, and the mind-body connection is so empowering. I am glad you were there!! See you at MP soon!!


  5. Shirley Lopez says:

    Hello Matt,

    As I am still processing the Irvine training every day, almost a month later, and as I begin
    the 30-Day/Action Plan and Certification Test, I keep seeing you at the very end and hearing the last teaching you gave us, maybe not word for word, but as I heard it, “As you go back to your daily lives, remember that this state of mind right now is the real life”.

    Wow, that is hard to do sometimes as I get caught up in the drama of life, but it is so impacting to have that picture and voice unconciously pop up, triggered by a seemingly difficult “story” going on at the moment. I then remember what is real and what isn’t, and I can begin to use the processes which will bring the conclusion wanted.

    I am sure I have only touched the surface of the training so far. Thanks for the dedication of you and Nicolasd and your staff.

  6. Hi Dr .Matt , Really I am so happy that I found your website to learn a lot of thing which many people lost it . I think NLP is very important to change our wrong what believe to right will be believe to feel we are to live, and when we feel this feelings we get our aims .
    thank you for your knowledge