Everything Begins With A Belief

Huna teaches that everything begins with a belief in mind. Many systems of personal growth and empowerment teach the same thing, yet, so many students look to change the physical first.


“I want to make more money!” a recent student in San Jose explained. He added, “I keep looking for a new career, but I don’t find one that is right for me.” (Does this sound familiar?? The same is applicable to Health and Relationships, BTW.)


I asked him if he believed it was possible to be successful and happy, and he said “no, I don’t!”. So I said, “If you don’t even believe it is possible, do you think you will ever find a great career?” Again, he said “no!”


This week, my Huna tip is that you spend some time exploring the areas where you are not achieving your desires, and see if your beliefs back up and support what you want to achieve. And, if they don’t….. well, there are some techniques that can help with that!
Aloha, Matt James




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  1. Zara Zaratsyan says:

    There are not enough words that I know can describe what you do for people and how

    loving and honest your intensions are.

    Thank you for being who you are!

    You bring the joy back to people’s life!

    Aloha, Zara.

  2. Thank you Zara!