I want to make sure that you all know the people and companies that I work with to get my work done. I have two suggestions that I would like to share with you:


The first is for Spiral Dynamics. They share a powerful set of tools to help you understand values, which determine what you do with your time and how you evaluate the time that you have spent. Check out their site!


The next is Learning Strategies. I actually participated in their NLP Mind Fest as did two of my students! I have known about them for years, and they have taken concepts from NLP and Learning to help develop amazing tools to improve learning!


I just wanted to make sure that I share who I work with and what has helped me on the path!


Mahalo, Matt James


BTW, I get no kick backs from these companies, and they don’t even know I am making this recommendation. I just felt like sharing who I work with.