My New Book

My new book: Find Your Purpose, Master Your Path will be coming out in about a month or so. I wanted to provide you all with a chance to read a position of the book and help get the word out! Here is a PDF copy of a portion of the book. Enjoy!


Link for Find Your Purpose, Master Your Path





Mahalo, Matt James




Matthew B. James, MA, PhD, President of The Empowerment Partnership. For training schedule and more info go to &


  1. Hi Matt.

    Thank you for this ‘teaser’ glimpse of your upcoming book. I had some great take-aways from this small portion alone, and am very excited for the official release!

    Thanks again for the AMAZING NLP Practitioner Certification Training this past weekend in Toronto. I feel blessed to have been a there with you and your team.

    My prayers of joy, prosperity and peace go out to you and all your loved ones.

    God bless,

    — Daniel

  2. Hi Daniel,

    My pleasure, and the book will be out soon!!