Here was my experience last week and let me relate it to the Huna concept of pule and/or the concept of positive thinking from NLP:


There are symbols and signs around us every day. Sometimes we see them sometimes we don’t.


The Hawaiians had a concept called pule and it roughly means to pray. Some people stay away from this concept because they believe that prayer is some sort of religious approach or that it is something bad is going to take you into the realm of esoteric.


However, there is another way to look at this, because it is the exact same thing taught in law of attraction, and in NLP.


So, I was driving back from Hilo after being at the first day of the Merrie Monarch Hula Festival. I was thinking about what I teach and I was considering all of the things I have to do on my path.


Now, this may seem silly, but I will share, I just put out there a question: Am I heading in the “right” direction?


Now I know I am absolutely heading in the right direction. However, sometimes you throw these questions out to the universe and when you do that it creates the need for an answer. In other words, when you ask, someone or something usually wants to answer.


So here is a philosophical question, whom are you asking the question too? Because, we all have asked questions like this, haven’t we? Have you ever thought about whom we are asking them to?


The late John Ka`imikaua would have said that it is a form of pule. He did not see pule as a formal approach as you would do in a religion. He simply explained as you are asking a question and just putting it out there to the universe make sure you are ready to see the answer. I see this concept as asking a question and then seeing the symbols and signs of the response.


It is irrelevant what you call the source or direction where your question is heading.  You could call this “thing” that you’re asking the question to source, energy, higher self, the universe, the collective, God and the list goes on and on. I am not caught up in the label.


The point is that you are asking a question and you are putting something out there. Again, do you pay attention after you do this type of question? Because the things you pule for are answered everyday! Sometimes the answer is very direct sometimes the answer comes in the form of a sign.


My week of signs went like this (please forgive the iPhone pictures, some are clear others are not):


I drove out of my house and saw how beautiful the sky was. Rather than going towards the main highway, I followed my gut and I drove around to see Hualalai (the mountain in Kona) in clear beauty. This took us through a different path, and on the way out of our subdivision, there I saw six nene (a very special and sacred Hawaiian bird). Seeing one is great, six, wow!

The next day, on the way home, I saw three nene. This is so different, because nene are always in pairs. That means that this pair was a mom and dad, and this was a young nene. First time I have seen this!


Next day, leaving the house we were going the normal route and there were 19 nene! The 3 I saw from the day before, and another 16! In the picture, there are a few on the other side of the road. Ok, now even my wife turned to me and said, “Have you ever seen this many!” I said “Nope”, and she responded, “Something must be going right!”


The next day coming back from Merrie Monarch still thinking about the question I asked about my path, and I saw two pueo. This is the Hawaiian owl and an amazing sacred sign. Rarely seen and they are the wisdom from above that is brought down. To see one is special, to see two…. Wow! First one circled my car, landed and looked into my window as I pulled over. I gazed into it’s eyes, and enjoyed the moment. Then my mind said, “take a picture!” I grabbed my camera and it flew off to say ,“no, this was for you!” I took a picture of it flying away. The second one a mile later circled my car and landed in a tree. No picture this time, I just enjoyed the moment.


Ok, last one. I took Ethan and Skylar to a park in Hilo two days later, and four nene came to Skylar and she did her hula step that is called the duck walk, with them.


Now, I know what these mean to me, and I am so thankful for these symbols. I also want to say thank you all that are haumana (students) that make it possible for me to teach. I am grateful for my path and I am humbled that we as a group can share such amazing teachings (NLP and Huna)!


I guess my question was answered. Your’s are answered everyday, do you see the answer?


Mahalo, Matt B. James


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