So I went back to school to get my PhD in psychology. And when I did I looked at all of the different tools and techniques that are out there and I did not find anything that could even come close to the effectiveness of NLP.


Let’s take phobias for example. When I was in school getting my PhD I looked at the different things that can create a phobia. Now understand that this learning has enhanced the trainings that I teach dramatically. I am more able to accurately describe what a phobia is, how it’s created, the origins of it, the descriptions of it, and everything else you can think of.


However phobias are not really talked about from the aspect of how to help a person released them. In other words there were not a lot of chapters or actually even paragraphs dedicated to describing how can you help someone that has a phobia.


So I was teaching in California and in this training was an individual named Monte. Monte had a phobia of shaking peoples hands. This phobia could be more accurately described as phobic of germs; however, I would not even think or care to label it.


After doing some investigation with the group I realize that Monte would be a good person for the demonstration. So I invited him onto the stage and less than 10 minutes later Monte got off the stage walked down through the group shaking peoples hands, walked to the back door grabbed it and opened it up!


Monte later explained to me that this has been something that has bothered him for years and that in business people come up to him to shake his hand and he wouldn’t be able to. This phobia that he had, prevented him from having normal contact with other individuals in almost every situation.


I say this from my heart, I love psychology! It taught me how these types of things occur, why they occur, how they affect the brain, how they affect the individual, and I know so many of the studies that are out there that describe the awful experience of having a phobia.


But what I don’t remember nor can I find a source for is a specific technique on how to release a phobia in 10 minutes or less in any of my textbooks from my PhD in Psychology.


Monte’s wife was in the audience and videoed the demo for me. We didn’t have a camera on hand at that time and I was very grateful that she did. I will post this video after I put this blog up so that you are all able to see this. Please forgive me if the phobia demonstration is not in high-quality video; however, it does show you the reason why I still teach NLP.


Monte came to our last Huna training here in Kona the past March. And he came up to me and thanked me once again and told me how looking back, this idea that he even had a phobia of shaking peoples hands is so silly! I reminded him again that when he had it the phobia wasn’t silly, and that from a psychological perspective it made complete sense.


The difference is that with NLP we were able to release it easily and effortlessly and he no longer has it in his life. He did his practitioner training in May 2011 and I just saw him again in March 2012. Phobia gone! No more issue!


This is one of the many reasons why I still to this day teach NLP, Hypnosis, and Mental and Emotional Release® Therapy also known as Time Empowerment®. (Check out our site at or


Mahalo, Matt B. James